Transforming your Mind to Change your Life: Part of the Formula that Led Paloma Sansores to Financial Success

Paloma Sansores

Hearing about the power of the mind can be a repetitive subject. Many people today still underestimate the influence and importance that thoughts and ideas can have on a person's life. Today this aspect is becoming more and more prominent; a strengthened mentality can lead to success. The story of Paloma Sansores shows this.

Millionaire trainer, networker, personal development mentor, and successful entrepreneur, are some of the words with which one could define Paloma's professional life. She is an enterprising woman who has been transforming her life and that of others for eight years, motivating and accompanying them on their journey to financial freedom through her company "The New Economy".

Paloma, like many people, had a traditional job but lived with the dream of being able to achieve success from a more innovative perspective and be able to help as many people as possible, starting with those closest to her. The determination would always have been part of her personality.

However, the thought of believing that money would take her away from her beliefs and transform her life for the negative often proved to be a limiting factor in taking the first step. Until one day she realized that this fear would only prevent her from moving forward toward her goals.

It was then that she began her journey, learned about a system and began to trade on the Internet, studied, attended conferences, met with industry leaders, and delved into what now represents her work and lifestyle: she achieved financial freedom.

She helped her parents retire and continued her goals of helping others. To that end, she initiated "The New Economy" from where she has created a team of more than 30 thousand people around the world who work daily from anywhere to build their life goals.

The Mind is Powerful

Paloma assures that mentality is the main element to reach any objective in life. Thinking that it is possible, that we can achieve it, will motivate us to move forward, to work, and walk forward to where our goal is.

On the contrary, living with fears, thinking about the negative aspects, or refusing to move forward because of insecurity, will only cause us to miss out on the possibilities of growing and learning what could change our lives.

Let Go Your Fears

It's not about not being afraid, it's about moving with the fear. At some point you will realize that you are on the right path and those fears will disappear before you know it. When you trust yourself and your goals, your mind makes the fears go away. As long as you focus your thoughts and energy on working for your dreams, there will be no room for anything negative in the process.

You don't achieve what you give up

For Paloma, the only way to keep a dream from becoming a reality is to abandon it. Otherwise, she ensures that all the objectives a person sets for themselves are possible as long as they have the determination, conviction, dedication, and invest time and effort in achieving them.

"Arming yourself with courage, patience, and moving forward is the best technique. It's about your dreams, so persevere and you'll get there.

Be Different

Making a difference in a business and personal level is one of the major elements that characterize Paloma. Contributing to other people's mindset to eliminate fear and advance their dreams can be a challenge.

However, she assures that she could manage it, preparing herself and sharing her experiences, especially her results, and what she has achieved since she decided to take risks to go for her purposes.

"I realized that I was a completely different person from others, that I didn't have to lead a 'normal' life. For years I started to make my decisions based on my dreams, not on opinions.

Pamela continues to work on her personal and business growth, strengthening her mind, and helping others to strengthen theirs, trust in their potential and decide to begin their journey to financial freedom and a new lifestyle.