TRAMBELLIR : Providing Healthy Tourism for everyone

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SO IIZUKA, the co-founder and CEO of Trambellir, a tourism company that promotes health during travel. The term is a combination of words travel (English origin) and embellir (French origin) which individually means traveling and making someone beautiful. Based on the amalgamation of the meaning of words, Trambellir was founded with a vision to benefit travelers with health and beauty. We believe in the new norm of Things to do at travel Destination.

Founded in the year 2018 by SO IIZUKA (Co-founder), NAOYUKI MATSUO ((Co-Founder/CTO), and Dr. TOSHIYUKI AOKI ((Co-Founder/Chief Medical officer), Trambellir is managed by Japanese and Malaysian team targeting travelers and not patients.

IIZUKA's life as a child was not very fascinating because of his visit to the operation theatre every 4 years for intestinal volvulus surgeries since he was 4 years old which made him realize the problems a suffering patient can face during travel. While traveling, anyone can face any health-related issues which may require proper timing to handle the situation and Trambellir assures and takes care of its clients by providing them with proper medical help as and when required during the journey.

The focus of initiating the concept of medical tourism and changing the world of the tourism industry with this unique collaboration of the two themes merging to become one for the benefit of travelers who are trusting their life with the company is only to bring about change in the thoughts of people and making travel easy for vulnerable patients who fear when they want to see the world with their loved ones.

When we think of travel, what comes to your mind? Let me guess, sightseeing and amazing dishes to binge on. But Trambellir runs with the thought of Travel beyond Food and Sightseeing. No, it not only medical help that we are providing on your trip but also services related to wellness and beauty. Yoga, Ayurveda, health check-ups, teeth whitening, energy IV drip, cosmetics dermatology, fitness program, healing therapy, regenerative medicine to advanced medical care including cancer treatments are some of the programs and services we focus on, at travel destinations.

We sell treatments as products to make it convenient for people to search, compare and book their treatments according to their wish and will. Medical tourism in recent years has been a hot cake in the market of tourism which is giving the economy an extra amount of boost than expected. A B2B2C strategy of partnership. OTA strategies and technologies are taken into consideration to make medical tourism be more casual and integrated for travelers around the world.

With KLOOK and Viator sharing the same model of business, we have improvised the model to benefit tourists. A Kula Lumpur, Malaysia, based medical tourism organization providing a unique travel inventory for more than 25 countries among 35 cities especially in the Asian region.

Real-life experiences are the best teachers in our lives and it is, again and again, proves by the masters of the society among which IIZUKA is one of the many. His struggles of being a vulnerable patient since his childhood is what pushed him to kick-start Trambellir with the goal of creating a world where anyone and everyone can get medical care wherever they are and whenever they wish to.

Make yourself and your companions beautiful and stay healthy while traveling with Trambellir keeping your enjoyment hassle-free during the journey anywhere around the globe. Stay calm and be patient and relaxed because we are here to provide you with whatever you need and wherever you need.

We prefer to walk the road not taken. Yes, you got me right. Even though we run a business implying a profit-making organization we aim in customer satisfaction and an improved lifestyle for them. Taking clients for tours is easy but organizing every single detail keeping in mind what may come up is a challenge and the Trambellir team is up to take any challenge for you because You out there is our priority.

This article was first published on February 20, 2021