Trading platform WebSea officially Launched, with Notable C-level Hire


Digital assets exchange and trading platform WebSea was officially launched earlier this week. It was announced by notable crypto celebrity and influencer, Herbert Sim, commonly known by his venture capital fund -, who has joined WebSea as their chief operating officer (COO), across his social media pages followed by over a million followers by the handle of @herbertRsim.

WebSea is a Web3.0 digital assets ecosystem platform for young people around the world. The
Platform has a dual-account security system, copy trading, social, entertainment, games ecosystem, and many other innovative services.

While there are many other exchanges in the market, the unique selling point (USP) of WebSea is its economic model design of its platform's token $WBS. It is based on Web3.0 attributes, the very

essence of decentralization, to reward all of its platform participants and contributors. A user simply has to register an account with Websea, to obtain free platform tokens by participating in platform activities, and also receive other incentives such as BTC/ETH/WBS/USDT.

Another USP is that Websea's wallet system is a hybrid, containing both centralized wallet and Web3.0 wallet. Users can transfer their asset autonomously between centralized wallet and chain wallet, thus further improving the security of users' assets.

"I am glad to say that the platform is focused towards user's security, and more importantly, making sure that every single user is properly incentivized, from institutions to retail investors," said Herbert Sim, COO of WebSea. "It is my honor to take on this great responsibility, helming the operations of the company towards delivering this promise to our users."

Herbert Sim, besides being followed by over a million followers across his verified social media pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook by the handle of @HerbertRsim; he comes with a wealth of corporate experience as well.

Herbert was formerly global operations director at Huobi (once the undisputed biggest digital assets exchange from 2013-2017) where he was pivotal, among the core team launching Huobi Token which raised US$ 400 million in 13 seconds. He went on to take on the role of chief marketing officer of

Russian exchange Cryptology. And subsequently, he founded 'The Bitcoin Man', a venture capital fund and accelerator, which invested into various projects, such as, Rimaunangis (,; Crux Decussata ( and more.

Herbert is known for being one of the earliest guys in the blockchain industry, being the founder of Crypto Chain University the world's first repository for compiling blockchain research papers
established in 2010, which was noted to have had been promoting cypherpunks' idealism of privacy and decentralization.

Among his many other career achievements and accolades, Herbert used to contribute his writings to Forbes and Huffington Post too.