Trading Cafe India Proves Attaining Financial Freedom Is Possible Through Stock Market

Trading Cafe India

The coronavirus came as a bane to most industries. Businesses were shut, cities were locked down, and the stock market crashed! But all of this came as a blessing in disguise for the new generation of traders and investors in the stock market.

Indian stock brokers saw the highest number of Demat account openings in 2020 as the interest of India's youth with the stock market and 'trading' peaked following the stock market crash of 2020.

To help the new entrants in the market, Trading Cafe India played a key role. To date, TCI continues to train students via both free and paid methods.

Trading Cafe India has now come to be known as India's best stock market training platform where students get access to proprietary tools and strategies. The firm was founded in 2018 by Chinmay Dudhane along with Aakash Patel.

Trading Cafe India aims to teach Indians about the power of trading in the stock market. Attaining financial freedom through the stock market is very much possible and TCI Head Trader Chinmay Dudhane is a living example of it.

He entered the stock market when he was 17 years old. With years of learning and hard work, Chinmay found out the road to consistency and profitability in the stock market. This is what he passes on to his fellow countrymen now via TCI's official YouTube Channel.

Trading Cafe India trains students in technical analysis, derivative instruments such as F&O, hedging strategies, and more.

To date, Trading Cafe India has trained a massive bunch of successful traders. They helped kickstart the journey for many Indians in the stock market. But how is TCI different from all other stock market training courses? TREDCODE is the answer! TCI has developed a customized and proprietary stock scanner called Tredcode that gives them and their students the profitable edge in trading.

The advantages of using Tredcode are that you get the right stocks and you can keep yourself away from the random stock selection and random trades. And most of the time I finish my trades in the morning itself and the rest of the whole day I have got to utilize for other activities. Nifty and Bank Nifty Trades become very easy as OI they integrated helps me to understand it very easily.

The Instagram handle of Trading Cafe India is growing at a rapid pace, boasting over 133k followers. They share quality trading setups, trading psychology hacks, and stock analysis on their Instagram account. You can check it out here.

Trading Cafe India pro mentors are changing the stock market game that once used to be in the hands of ultra rich and high net-worth individuals. Join them on their official website