Tracing Dhaval Udeshi's rollercoaster life journey on how he climbed the ladder of success as Mumbai's leading restaurateur

Dhaval Udeshi

Mumbai is perhaps the best food destination in India. With an arena of scrumptious food choices available for people, the city has welcomed new cuisines from across the globe. A lot of venues have cropped up in recent times that provide a variety of food choices to the people. Merely bringing distinctive food choices is not enough. For any restaurateur, the quality of food holds great importance. Focusing on providing high-class and delectable recipes to the people, restaurateur Dhaval Udeshi has made a place for himself as one of the most successful names.

He has been working in this industry for quite a long time now, and it is his experience and passion for food and travel that makes him a high-class name today. Started on a small scale, Dhaval Udeshi began his career by commencing a food joint in the Ghatkopar area of Mumbai city. Little did he know that it would go on to become a leading destination for Indian food lovers. What started as a small food stall went on to become a dream come true for Mr. Udeshi.

Much before setting footprints in the food industry, Dhaval Udeshi had a clear picture of the competition in this field. "Mumbai is a city where delicious food is available at every nuke and corner. I did not venture into this business with only monetary aspects, but also because of my passion for food. Quality is what I look for, and it is what I provide to my clients and customers", revealed Dhaval. The restaurateur as of today has been associated with Mumbai's high-end eateries including 'London Taxi', 'Butterfly High' and 'Silly'.

Moreover, he has played a pivotal role in taking 'Falafels' to a new level. With a sharp intellect and great knowledge about the industry, Dhaval Udeshi expanded 10 outlets of 'Falafels' across Mumbai. His approach towards scaling any restaurant is pretty simple. According to Dhaval, the first and foremost thing to learn is to unlearn things that do not match your interests. In other words, he believes in understanding the preferences and choices of the customers.

A hardcore foodie that he is, Dhaval Udeshi's successful journey as a restaurateur is also because of his immense love for travel. Any destination of the world he has travelled to has seen him learn and understand the food culture of that region. From the learnings, the restaurateur has brought different cuisines to life. The popular restaurants and bars that Dhaval has partnered with have a unique taste and identity of their own. Continuing this practice, the passionate man has unarguably contributed his best in making Mumbai an ultimate hub for all the foodies.