TracEkee - An important resource in early identification of Contacts of Covid 19 - Dr. Wisham


In the wake of an exponential increase in Covid19 cases, healthcare experts in the Maldives are urging the public to adhere to the guidelines of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and use of the TraceEkee contact tracing application introduced in the Maldives. The country at present is experiencing the highest number of daily recorded cases since the quarantine measures were relaxed.

Dr. Mohamed Wisham, along with the Minister of State Dr. Shah Mahir, Dr. Ali Niyaf, President of the Maldivian Medical Association (MMA) and Dr. Mohamed Ali have vocalized their endorsement in using the application to refute the rumors about the use of the application as a privacy-invasive data collection tool by the Maldivian government.

Healthcare officials are stating that the most important aspect of quarantine is to shield the high-risk population. Especially the elderly population that comprises a higher percentage in the risk category such as people with diseases like Diabetes, Heart, Kidney, liver diseases, and people with conditions that compromise their immune system. As quarantine measures are relaxed and it's now even more important to help the authorities to minimize the COVID19 spread with contact tracing.

Based on the system used and open-sourced by the Singapore government, the TraceEkee application was re-developed for the Health Protection Authority of Maldives by a team of leading Maldivian developers including Jawish Hameed, Naail Abdul Rahman, Nasrulla Adnan, Ahmed Riyazi Mohamed, Sharif Khaleel with the support of Hameed Shafeeu & Shazna Ali.

The application supports the local language of Maldives Dhivehi and English language. The president's Office also has urged to install the application for the population and visiting tourists. As the Maldives is opened to tourism, many measures are being put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID19.

The Maldives has recorded over 5,000 cases of COVID19, from which 2,800 patients have fully recovered and discharged. The country has so far reported 19 Deaths.