Trace Network Labs readies itself to enable lifestyle around the Metaverse powered digital fashion

Lokesh Rao

"The power of web 3.0 technology has helped open up tremendous opportunities around the Metaverse," says co-founder & CEO of Trace, Lokesh Rao.

Metaverse is the latest innovation which is taking over the industry at present. Though in its initial stages, the potential that it carries is huge and that's evident with the kind of buzz it has generated. Just imagine the kind of world it will bring in front of the world, where everything that you do in real world would be possible on the Metaverse. The experience would be the same as in real life, and that's what has excited everyone well before it is set to make its mark. For those who are unaware, Metaverse is a shared virtual space that has been created by amalgamating the power of virtual reality, augmented reality, and the digital world together. The power of Metaverse has been utilized well by some smart individuals and entities who have introduced many interesting projects surrounding it. Trace Network Labs is one such name which has entered the realm and is now all set to make its presence felt around this zone.

Announcing this new project, Lokesh Rao, said, "Trace Network Labs is enabling real looking meta twins (digital avatars) and Lifestyle for them in Metaverses powered by NFTs & Digital Fashion. Trace Network Lab's vision is to be a de-facto gateway for lifestyle brands to launch a new set of Limited Edition lifestyle & fashion products made for our real looking digital Avatars to move across multiple chains and Metaverses." Now this is an unique offering by a Indian project who is trying to establish their foot in global metaverse space by solving the biggest problem of closed metaverse economy.

Trace Network Lab's first product BUDDY is going to be launched soon, for the creation of an exclusive & personal digital identity as a realistic-looking avatar for the users of Metaverse. Trace Network Labs offers users to create a metaverse agnostic avatar minted on blockchain, that will have the unique ability to move from one metaverse to the other – akin to a passport for virtual worlds.

TNL is creating bridges with different metaverses to let community interact with their counterparts from other metaverses like gaming etc.

Under its leadership Trace Network Labs is focussing on global collaborations and partnerships. They have onboarded many global fashion brands and helping them launch their limited edition collectibles, wearable NFTs on their upcoming NFT Marketplace, BLING.

The brainchild of Lokesh Rao who has more than 12 years of experience in enterprise tech space having helped fashion companies acquire and implement technologies in more than 20 countries, having been actively involved since 2017 in building solutions for enterprises using DLT and Blockchain and Sunil Arora, who has been in the fashion industry with experience of more than 35 years spanning across 50 countries, having mastered the digital fashion space in depth, working with more than 1000 apparel and fashion companies, as a consultant & lecturer at NIFT -India, IIT-India, FIT-New York, London & Paris Schools of Fashion, and in automation for garment manufacturing & global supply chain, the project is surely going to take off right from the start.

The first success of 2022 came with Trace Network Lab's $TRACE Token listing directly on Tier 1 exchange HuobiGlobal on 28th January.