Touching the hearts of many- Rapper Shecky

Thierno Abdou

Thierno Abdou is the new young and talented rapper who is becoming famous all over social media, due to his albums. Thierno Abdou is mostly famous as Shecky. He is a very well-known person in Hip Hop Music in Montreal Canada. Shecky is from a small republic in Senegal, Africa and when he was still young, he shifted to Canada.

Due to his dedication to his work, he is today at the peak level in the music industry. He is the most famous rapper. MrThierno Abdou used social media as an important platform to promote himself and his music by reaching more and more people. There are many songs that have won the hearts of many of his fans and audience in Canada. Shecky grew up singing and performing and later he turned into a professional singer and rapper.

With time, Shecky kept on releasing his music albums and rap songs, which helped him to gain more followers and recognition in the music world. He sings with his heart; his voice is magical and soothing which has touched the hearts of countless fans. The names of his songs and albums that he worked for are Billet, Success, Donne ca, Lala-Lala, Coup de Coeur, Zik2k20, From the Write Side of the Tracks, Donne ca, O.G, How Many Times, Lettre a la Republique, Dis-Leur. His music can be found globally on leading platforms like Apple Music, Napster, Amazon Prime, and Spotify.

His ability to combine different and unique sounds and styles while creating new music makes him stand out in this industry. He is able to connect with fans through his meaningful and extremely relatable lyrics helped him gain a substantial fanbase.

Shecky has a YouTube channel, where he uploads videos. His videos get a lot of positive comments and reach. He has almost 13.6K subscribers on this YouTube channel. Without any second thought, it can be said that Shecky will make more and more audiences fall in love with his soothing songs and rapping game. Shecky's family and friends have always been his support. He feels blessed to have these lovely people in his life. He says that the love and support of his fans from all over the world give him the motivation to keep on working harder.