Tory MP David Warburton Snorted Cocaine Before Stripping Naked, Touching Woman's Breasts

Tory MP David Warburton is facing sexual assault allegations from three different woman.

Tory MP David Warburton allegedly snorted cocaine drug before stripping naked and groping a woman's breasts, according to a report published on The Sun. The Conservative MP for Somerset and Frome after spending the night texted the woman a message next morning asking if she was proud that an MP had slept in her house.

"Promise I won't remove all my clothes again," his message to the woman allegedly read. Reports suggest that the woman who is younger to the Tory MP said she had repeatedly warned Warburton before and during his visit that she was not willing to have sex with him.

However, the woman claimed that despite her protests, Warburton ground his body against hers and without her consent touched her breasts as he climbed into her bed.

David Warburton
The Sunday Times

Meanwhile, two other women have opened up about the Tory MP's behavior accusing him of making unwanted sexual comments and inappropriate touching, as per the report. Both the women said that Warburton bragged about his drug usage, saying he had kept cocaine at his London home funded by taxpayer.

Warburton Suspended From Parliamentary Party

Warburton has been suspended from the parliamentary party on April 3, 2022 for facing sexual harassment allegations from three women and cocaine use, A photo of the MP has also emerged allegedly sitting alongside an upturned baking tray with lines of cocaine powder on it.

While the viral photo of Warburton has exposed his secrets, back in 2018 he had questioned the then Home Secretary Sajid Javid regarding young children being targeted by drug gangs. "The Children's Commissioner estimates that at least 46,000 children in England have been targeted by drug gangs and coerced by intimidation, violence and criminal incentives into the so-called county-lines system of selling drugs across the country," he said adding, "What work is being done by my Right Honourable Friend's Department to address this appalling exploitation of children and young people?"

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