Topless supermodel Bella Hadid speaks about COVID-19 in her Instagram post

Super model Bella Hadid sure knows how to capture the world's attention. Going topless, with just a burrito barely saving her modesty, the 23-year-old model urged her followers to stay indoors and observe self-isolation to check the spread of COVID-19.

Bella Hadid
Instagram grab/Bella Hadid

In a racy photo uploaded on her Instagram handle, the model, who appears to be safe under quarantine at an undisclosed location, has been expressing her thoughts about the rapidly spreading pandemic across the globe.

Bella Hadid asks people to be unselfish

Hadid, who has a strong following of 29.3 million users on Instagram, posted the sensational picture to draw attention to the importance of self-quarantine. In the lengthy caption accompanying the picture, the model wrote:

"Me and my burrito telling you to stay inside! not only for the sake of just yourself but also for literally the entire world and all of the people that you love ..❤️"

"Its crazy because all we have to do is work together to slow down this virus and people are still having trouble understanding that.. don't be selfish! meditate ! hang out with your dog/cat/fish! they are probably super excited to have your attention for 24 hours out of the day..!! learn how to knit ! tie die some socks ! write a poem to your mom ! I guess tiktok if that's what you're into ! find out your rising sign ! then learn about it ! and become ! a better person! anyways ... last thing ...not new news but... wash those damn hands people! to the people who are still working and the ones who can't ... I love you and i am thinking about you !..❤️" she continued.

Bella Hadid leaves little to imagination

While the model chose to ditch her top to go completely nude from waist-up, she wore a pair of yellow coloured pants and black boots as she held a burrito to hide her boobs. She clicked the picture sitting on the floor in front of a mirror.

bella hadid
Bella Hadid/ Instagram

The model completed her look with a cap, earrings, and a golden coloured wristwatch.

The post has already surpassed 1.17 million likes and nearly 4,500 comments. "I love you these captions are always so sweet lmaoo like every time :) thank u for being so loving to those around u!!!" wrote a follower as soon as the post went up.

"Much love Bella , we are all together on this . Be safe," wrote another.

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