Top Reasons Why a Weekly Cleaning Service Is Better Than a Monthly Cleaning Service

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There are many home cleaning services, including regular cleaning service, deep cleaning, recurrent cleaning, light cleaning, weekly and monthly cleaning.

As the name implies, professionals come to the house every month and clean the place in a monthly cleaning service. But in a weekly cleaning service, cleaners tidy up the house every week. ChoreCare is an online source to access cleaners and cleaning companies, offering many types of services including recurring cleaning services which you can easily pick and manage via ChoreCare App.

A weekly cleaning service is better than a monthly cleaning service for reasons discussed below:

A Weekly House Cleaning Keeps the Place Looking Cleaner

When you leave a place for the end-of-the-month cleaning, chances are it will accumulate more dirt and filth over time. Hence, when a cleaning service arrives, you will be running around, organizing the entire place at the last minute. You will be rushing around or panicking at the eleventh hour. And that's no fun.

When you hire weekly house cleaning services, you don't have as much time between cleanings for things to become cluttered. This also makes it much easier to have things in order before the cleaning crew arrives for deep cleaning your home; less time between cleanings means less clutter. You may relax knowing that weekly house cleanings will assist you in keeping your home looking its best on a more regular basis. Your house wouldn't look half as dirty as it might if you left it for a monthly cleaning service. ChoreCare offers flexible services. You have the option of flexible timings by using their ChoreCare app, you can track your Pro from start to finish. You may also get information regarding how long your cleaners will stay at your place, how many cleaners will come to do the chore, and the cleaner(s) will also provide you with a report (Before and After Picture). ChoreCare also uses its own set of high-quality tools. Some customers may want to use their personal equipment which they can request at the time of scheduling the service.

Gives the Week a Fresh Start

There's nothing quite like entering into a dust-free home with vacuum marks on the carpet and the scent of cleaning supplies in the air. In fact, the aromas of lemon and pine, two of the most commonly used ingredients in cleaning products, have scientifically been proven to make us feel better.

When you book house cleaning weekly, your home is clean when the week begins. It's a terrific way to start each week fresh and maintain a tidy home throughout the week. It's like a little pick-me-up that gives you a boost of energy.

Clean Home Means Clean Mind

Clutter and mess can harm your mental health. According to a study in "Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin," women with cluttered living spaces or unfinished projects were more likely to suffer from fatigue and depression than those women who described their homes as more organized and relaxing.

Clutter also contributes to a lack of focus and concentration, so if you leave your house for a monthly cleaning service, your place is more likely to accumulate filth and clutter. It can lead to decreased focus, confusion, and tension. Your house will look fresher and more organized with a weekly cleaning service. This, in turn, will give rise to positive emotions such as calmness and a sense of good well-being.

Benefits Physical Health

A clean home not only impacts mental health but physical health, too. According to a study by a research scientist, Nicole Keith, Ph.D., and professor, people with clean households are healthier than those with dirty or cluttered homes. A clean house also has a calming effect as it helps give you a sense of control over your environment and achievement and satisfaction. A weekly cleaning service can have a far better impact on your physical health than a monthly cleaning service.

Not Worry About Cleaning Supplies

You have to keep your cabinet stocked with cleaning supplies with a monthly cleaning service or without a cleaning service. However, you can save money on cleaning supplies with a weekly cleaning service. Professional house cleaning services use the best cleaning products. While you may have to buy cleaning products for occasional clean-ups, you won't need to keep your kitchen or bathroom cabinets fully stocked with them. As pointed out earlier, ChoreCare uses its tools or lets customers use their tools – whatever seems best.

House Is Easier to Maintain

Often, a monthly-clean up isn't enough, especially if you have a large family. Since professional cleaners only visit once a month, you need to be more responsible. You will have to focus more on maintaining the house. For instance, you will have to do occasional dusting or mopping. But with weekly cleaning services, your home stays cleaner all month long. Professionals take care of the nitty-gritty and do all the hard work.

More Affordable

Many cleaning firms charge a greater rate for a one-time cleaning service and a higher monthly cleaning fee. It's logical as with a one-time cleaning service, far more time has elapsed between cleanings, and it requires far more effort and time to restore a house to its former glory. A weekly cleaning service entails less time and effort. Therefore, it's a better bargain than monthly cleanings.

Chore Care is an online portal, featuring local cleaning firms or individual cleaners in different areas in the United States. Users can use the site to get in touch with different cleaning companies and individual cleaning professionals to compare cleaning quotes, find out expected cleaning time, number of cleaners, and other factors to find the best cleaning facility for them.