Top Music Artist Matthew Gallagher Talks about the Importance of Patience throughout His Journey

Matthew Gallagher

There is no denying that patience is an underrated virtue in today's world. It is not as common and yet is the deciding factor in one's success. Ask any successful person, and they'll accredit patience as the key to all their success. Popular musician and top independent artist, master of soulful symphonies Matthew Gallagher believe patience played a decisive role throughout his journey.

We are all aware of how competitive and brutal the current music environment is. There are tons of musicians with big dreams and aims, who come and go quicker than expected. Matthew was one such dreamer who decided to pursue his childhood passion for music and his tech career as a coding genius. Despite his success as a coder, music remained his muse and helped him get out of some of the most challenging spots in life.

Born to homeless parents, Matthew grew up watching them fight drug addictions and poverty. Desperate for care and love from family, he found solace and peace in music. It helped him forget his troubles and transport him to a whole new world. He was only ten years old when he first wrote a song that depicted the cruelties of poverty and homelessness. Little did he know that he would play the same musical piece to thousands of people 20 years later and touch a million hearts with soulful lyrics and emotional beats.

Today, Matthew is not only widely famous as an influential musician but also a guiding voice in the industry who uplifts aspiring musicians in every way possible. A strong advocate of music education, Matthew believes patience is the ultimate key to success and mentors his followers through his music that no matter what difficulties life imposes on them, they must never allow themselves to detract from their goals. Success does not come overnight; it demands constant hard work and unimaginable grind, only then do you get to taste its fruits.

Aside from acquiring patience as a trait, he also advocates constant mindful practicing, learning music by reading about it and listening to all kinds of genres, and embracing criticism as the ultimate way to betterment.

Just like any other craft, music requires time and effort. Promoting your art, booking gigs, writing meaningful lyrics, and recording songs are all stressful tasks, and without the virtue of patience and perseverance, anyone can be overwhelmed. Lack of patience is perhaps one of the reasons many artists fail to succeed and leave their passion for music before it materializes.

For Matthew, baby steps to success with undying patience were the key, and that has become his mantra for life.