The Top finance Coach In The Industry-Justin Buonomo

Justin Buonomo

Meet Mr. Justin Buonomo, the President, and CEO of Just Financial Foundations, L.L.C where his financial coaching program, Financial Foundations, has become the most successful program of its kind in the United States. Along with providing coaching in finance, Justin is also a professor of other subjects such as economics, accounting, etc. He is also an experienced healthcare expert.

Justin unfolding his early days and educational qualifications

Justin Buonomo grew up in Rochester, New York, but has lived in Baltimore, Maryland for the past 10 years. He completed his bachelor's and master's degree at Stevenson University where he also was a member of the men's lacrosse team and earned honors as an All American, First Team All-Conference, and National Champion. Justin holds a Master's Degree in Healthcare Management.

Justin's work experience

Justin stated that he has worked for Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) for seven years. Within his leadership roles at JHM coupled with his financial consultancy work, he has built and managed several multi-million dollar budgets, and has vast amounts of financial expertise. Justin is also an adjunct college professor where he teaches finance, economics, accounting, and healthcare management courses at a graduate and undergraduate level.

Justin talking about Just Financial Foundations

Justin has founded and become the President and CEO of Just Financial Foundations, L.L.C where his Financial Coaching program, Financial Foundations, has become the most successful program of its kind in the United States. The company offers guidance, structure, and expertise for families and small businesses to master and optimize their finances and operations. They offer a 6-week program that comes with a 12-month custom budget. The 6-week program is called Financial Foundation and helps families and small businesses fix, control, manage, and optimize their finances and operations with confidence and real results. The 6 weeks are 6 one-on-one sessions with Justin, in which they follow a superior framework of discussions and working sessions that are customized to meet the client's unique variables, situations, and most pertinent needs. This highly custom approach breeds optimal results.

Source of Inspiration behind Justin's work

Justin shares that his biggest inspiration is to help other people. "I am a true believer in using the skills that God gives you to help other people. Especially when your skills are other people's deficiencies", remarks Justin. He believes that the lack of financial literacy and understanding causes a lot of pain, suffering, stress, and anxiety for individuals and families. However, the majority of these stresses and anxieties around money are 100% avoidable and rooted in a lack of financial literacy and guidance. Justin is on a mission to better this world by helping people have more prosperity and less stress as a result of optimal money management.

Plans elucidated by Justin

Justin says that in the past 5 months, he has secured 60 clients with 16 on a waiting list. He wants to continue to offer 1:1 coaching but his goal is to start offering group coaching and pre-recorded courses to help as many people as possible through increasing his accessibility to the public. He truly believes this is the best and most effective option available to the public, and he is extremely confident in the results that the program can and does produce for every client.