Top Dentist in Houston, Dr. Mike Tran is Growing the Floss Dental Family

 Dr. Mike Tran

Dr. Mike Tran has come up a long way to become the top Dentist in Houston. Under his guidance and impeccable management skills, Floss Dental has become the fastest growing dental brand in Texas. It has about 12 offices in North Texas. The brand is planning to expand nationwide and will soon be opening offices in Georgia, Ohio, and the U.S Virgin Islands. Floss Dental is entirely managed by Dr. Mike Tran and his wife. The brand that took off from an old dilapidated dental office is showing extremely promising growth.

The success of Floss Dental lies in their way of treating and interacting with patients. Floss Dental assures that every patient who received the treatment will have a new experience with dental care. Dr. Mike Tran, who specializes in veneers and is also a 1% Invisalign top seller, treats his patients like his family. This has created a bond between the brand and its several happy patients who are now recommending the brand to their friends and family. The company also takes special care in hiring people who are compassionate and not just professional.

The core success of a brand is not when it is speaking about itself but when the customers are speaking about it. Dr. Mike has achieved that kind of success. He has always believed in the philosophy of creating a Floss Dental family. He is prepared to treat anyone no matter what the dental problem is. He ensures that his patients feel at home in his clinic. This special affection and care has taken Floss Dental to new heights. People who received treatment at Floss Dental become a part of their large family and this way the brand continues to grow.

This amazing idea of Dr. Mike Trans has set Floss Dental apart from other dental clinics that maintain an unfriendly atmosphere. The mastermind behind Floss Dental, Dr. Mike Tran has faced several challenges in life to reach the position he is now. His journey began as an immigrant to the U.S from Communist Vietnam. Being born in a refugee camp in Thailand, Dr. Mike or Michael Tran saw the dark face of poverty in his childhood.

After graduating in 1999 from Dulles High School, Texas, he went on to study Business Management at Texas Tech University. His love for the medical field took him to dentistry that began at Howard College of Dentistry. Later he moved to Houston Advanced Education in General Dentistry AEGD. His good understanding of the curriculum and natural ability to demonstrate surgeries earned him the offer of a faculty of Live surgery implant courses at AEGD. This was the beginning of his rising career.

He soon opened his own clinic in Magnolia, Texas from a previously closed dental office. The journey of Floss Dental began from there. Dr. Mike's knowledge of Dentistry combined with his passion to heal people meant the brand quickly took off. His philosophy of creating a family in the brand has got more people involved with the brand that includes both employees and patients from all walks of life.