Top 5 New Zealand Shares to Buy 2020


The stock exchange market is a very well-known place where various stockbrokers and traders can make profits. The first thing that comes to mind whenever we mention buying shares and the stock market is probably Wall Street. But, we would like to note that there are plenty of other stock exchanges in the world that are very popular and profitable.

One country that stands out in the crowd is New Zealand. The stock exchange in this country is a huge contributor to the economy and thousands of people make a living by buying or selling shares. We wanted to take a closer look at New Zealand's stock exchange market and list the 5 best companies where it's worth investing money in 2020.
Where To Look For Shares

If you want to buy shares from a certain company, the first step would be to find the "Wall Street of New Zealand". The New Zealand Exchange, or also known as NZX, has more than 170 listed securities and a market capitalization of over NZ$160 billion.

What started as a number of regional stock exchanges during the Gold Rush era is now the prime place where you can buy and sell shares in New Zealand. While some are very familiar with how the stock exchange market works in New Zealand, some are not. Luckily, we are here to help everybody out, thus providing you with a guide on how to buy shares NZ.

As we mentioned, the NZX has many listed securities and we are here to list the best 5 in which you might want to consider buying shares if you want to make a profit.

Vista Group International Ltd

The film production industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Add the fact that the access to technology-enabled them to make movies we never thought we would watch and you get a winning combination. To put things into perspective for you, last year the film production industry made $100 billion in profits last year. Experts believe that their price will go up in the following years, which is more than a reason as to why you should buy shares in it.
Our top pick in the New Zealand Stock Exchange is Vista Group International Ltd. This company provides technology for studios, distributors, exhibitors, etc. all around the world. They are headquartered in Auckland but have offices all around the world.


SkyCity Entertainment Group is a giant when it comes to the casino industry in New Zealand. This group was established in 1996 and it recorded an extensive growth in the past decade. Skycity recorded a $1 billion in revenue last year which is a record-breaker. Statistics are predicting that 2020 will be an even better year. They operate casinos in New Zealand and Australia and you can buy their shares at NZX.

Heartland Group Holdings Limited

Servicing both New Zealand and Australia, Heartland Group Holdings Limited is a financial services group that focuses on 'best or only' banking products in 3 markets: household, rural, and business. This company got its first listing in 2011 and its strategy includes providing innovative products in the 3 aforementioned markets.

Fletcher Building Limited

With a market capitalization of over NZ$2.5 billion, Fletcher Building Limited is one of the largest listed companies in New Zealand. It has over 15,000 employees around the world and as the name itself suggests, Fletcher Building Limited operates in the construction industry.
The major success and profits that this company made ever since it split from Fletcher Challenge in 2001 is the reason why it deserves a mention on our list of 5 best shares to buy. This company works in numerous divisions: building products, concrete, distribution, construction, residential and development, etc.

Chorus Limited

Chorus Limited is a telecommunications infrastructure provider across New Zealand. This company is listed in the NXZ 50 Index and it owns a majority of telephone lines and exchange equipment in New Zealand.

This company demerged from Telecom New Zealand in 2011 and by law, it cannot sell directly to customers – it providers wholesale services to retailers. Its huge reputation and great success in the last few years is what made us feature Chorus Limited in our top 5 list.

This article was first published on July 9, 2020