Top 5 Amazon Prime shows to watch this fall

amazon prime now in singapore
People pass a signage at Amazon's Prime Now fulfillment centre in Singapore 22 July 2017 Edgar Su/Reuters

You can keep all your boredom aside as Amazon Prime has planned to give you some refreshing shows to watch on their video streaming platform.

Get ready for these top 5 best Amazon Prime original shows:-

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

It is one of the most recent Amazon series that has won Emmys awards. The series is being called the best on Amazon Prime Video service by critics and the viewers. The story revolves around a woman in New York City in the late 1950s, who decides to be a standup comedian after separation from her husband. It should be noted that 1950s was the time when women decided to prove themselves in the workplace. The two-season are already available and the third season is coming in late 2019.

The Man in the High Castle

This Amazon Prime original show is based on the classic novel by late Philip K. Dick. This American alternate history television series shows a parallel universe where the Axis powers win World War II.

The Expanse

The Expanse is based on the same name by 'James S. A. Corey' (a pen name for two writers Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), the show takes us to hundreds of years in the future, where humanity has colonized the entire solar system. The show not only has a huge cast and epic feel, but it also shows some best visual effect ever shown in any space-based sci-fi series.


This hardcore police show is based on the novel from author Michael Connelly that has Titus Welliver in the leading role. He plays the role of Los Angeles Police detective Harry Bosch. Every season of the show is based on at least one of the incident of Bosch books.

The Grand Tour

If you are a fan of shows based on motor vehicles, then you are already a fan of The Grand Tour. BBC show Top Gear Series's show has Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, who are test driving lots of cool and modern cars. It has three hosts travelling all over the world. Even if you are not car shows, even then you will love it for adventures.

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