Top 3 Mindset Tips ForEntrepreneurs From New Zealand-Based Affiliate Marketer And Coach LourissaSetu


Entrepreneurs are all different. They all have a different mindset or outlook that contributes to their success. This is determined by their industry or their own experiences. It is clear, though, that determination and hard work are essential to survive as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs must have a winning mindset. Affiliate marketer, mentor, and coach LourissaSetu shares her top 3 mindset tips for entrepreneurs and business leaders and how this contributes to success.

Control Your Thoughts and Vision

It is crucial to have control of your thoughts and vision. As an entrepreneur, this helps to keep you aligned with your goals. You must be able to visualize your achievements even before they have happened. According to Lourissa, "your inner world is a reflection of your outer. So, many things going on inside will reflect on the outside and play out in different areas. If you do not feel worthy enough of what you want to create from this journey, such as sales and a high income, it will be hard to bring that into your reality. Find out what's going on within. A major part of this is your internal dialogue. Your everyday thoughts will play a massive part in your belief in yourself." And this really ties into the second point.

Don't Be Afraid of Introspection.

The idea is not to become engrossed in your emotions and feelings that you become crippled. However, it is necessary to perform routine introspection to root out delimiting thoughts. "Entrepreneurship will bring up all your shadow work and force you to face your baggage. So be prepared to come face to face with a lot of things that will bring up emotions and require you to take full responsibility."

Introspection is meant to fuel progress. "You will learn so much from this process and grow significantly. The more growth you experience means your business will have the capacity to do so as well. We need this to happen for us to go next level. What we might perceive as negative things or setbacks will happen, and it is all about how we move through them. One little analogy I love is the battery. For it to power, it needs a negative charge and a positive. It won't work if it only has positive, and it won't work if it only has a negative charge."

Be Committed to Your Business

Setu encourages entrepreneurs to be committed to the business they're trying to grow. "Think of your business as a relationship with your partner. It has so much to give to you. How much intentional time are you spending with it? Do you love it? Does it light you up? How much gratitude do you have for it? How much are you willing to improve yourself? How much of a priority is your business to you?" Like a real relationship, the answers to those questions can help determine our level of commitment.

"What you put in is what you will get out, so it's important to get real with how committed you are to the business. Determine how important it is for you and how much you want it to grow. There has to be an energy exchange. You can't expect your business to do everything for you if you are not willing to do anything for it to grow. You must nourish it and take care of it like a fragile relationship."

Lourissa offers coaching to help others get the best out of their business and grow their revenue. She uses these tips when dealing with her own business as a mentor and marketer.