The Top 10 Art Podcasts That You Should Be Listening To In 2024


In the vast world of podcasts, we've handpicked ten exceptional shows that offer a captivating journey into the realm of art and artists. These podcasts provide unique perspectives, featuring diverse voices and enthralling narratives within the art world. From intimate conversations challenging conventional thinking to thought-provoking interviews with notable personalities, these podcasts offer an enriching exploration of the enchanting world of art.

Whether unravelling the mysteries behind individual artworks, injecting modern relevance into historical narratives, or celebrating the significant contributions of female artists, these shows promise to captivate and inspire art enthusiasts. Embark on a journey into creativity with our selection of the best podcasts about art and artists in 2024.

1. Talk Art
Talk Art, the celebrated podcast hosted by actor Russell Tovey and gallerist Robert Diament, is a captivating exploration of the art world. With exclusive interviews featuring leading artists, curators, and guests from diverse industries, Talk Art delves into the enchantment of art and its universal connectivity. What sets Talk Art apart is its commitment to providing a platform for minority, LGBT, and feminist artists. Notable guests like Louisa Buck, Martin Creed, Marina Abramović, Sara Sadik, Roberta Smith, Tabboo, and Novot Miller contribute to the podcast's universal appeal. For art enthusiasts seeking a podcast that transcends boundaries, Talk Art is a must-listen, offering a blend of insightful discussions and diverse perspectives.

2. The Savvy Painter
Ranked among the top 30 educational podcasts globally, "The Savvy Painter," hosted by artist Antrese Wood, is a premier resource for artists seeking inspiration and practical advice for their careers. With a focus on nurturing a creative mindset and prioritizing mastery over perfection, the podcast offers practical advice and inspiration for artists worldwide. Whether you're an emerging artist looking to hone your skills or an established pro seeking fresh perspectives, the show provides valuable guidance. The podcast features engaging conversations with artists, authors, and visionaries, offering insights into the creative process and the behind-the-scenes details of the art world. With engaging interviews featuring renowned artists such as painter Kevin Macpherson and accomplished illustrator Ashley Bryan, The Savvy Painter cover topics ranging from organizing gallery shows to obtaining licensing advice from expert Tara Reed, providing listeners with valuable insights into the creative process and artistic techniques.

3. The Pearl Lam Podcast
The Pearl Lam Podcast, hosted by renowned international gallerist and entrepreneur Pearl Lam, emerges as a compelling addition to the 2023 podcasting landscape. Launched with a focus on raw and intimate conversations challenging conventional thinking, the podcast stands out as an inspiring platform for art enthusiasts, designers, creators, and entrepreneurs and for its authentic dialogues with global talents. In each episode, Pearl Lam engages in thought-provoking conversations with prominent personalities, such as Instagram art historian Alayo Akinkugbe, two Michelin-star chef Stéphanie Le Quellec, millennial artist Mr. Doodle, celebrity hairstylist Kim Robinson, and designer Thomas Heatherwick. Since its debut in September 2023, the podcast has garnered praise for transcending traditional boundaries with its refreshing take.

4. The Lonely Palette
"The Lonely Palette" is an art history podcast hosted by Tamar Avishai, a lecturer at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The podcast is a captivating exploration of individual artworks, making art history accessible to a wide audience. Each episode delves into the historical context and significance of a single work of art, providing in-depth insights and engaging stories behind each piece. Well-received and available on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, Avishai's approach involves interviewing unsuspecting passers-by at the Museum of Fine Arts to gauge their initial reactions to a chosen painting. Subsequently, she delves into a comprehensive history, considering critics' opinions, social context, and the relevant artistic movements. Recent episodes, such as the exploration of Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus,' showcase Avishai's ability to make profound art concepts accessible and enjoyable for all listeners.

5. Art Curious
"Art Curious" is hosted by Jennifer Dasal, former curator of modern and contemporary art at the North Carolina Museum of Art, delves into the quirky and captivating stories of art history. With a commitment to making art history fun and engaging, Dasal shares anecdotes about renowned artists and masterpieces, presenting a modern spin on age-old tales. Recognized by O, The Oprah Magazine, and PC Magazine, the podcast has gained widespread acclaim. With over 13 seasons and 220 episodes, Dasal explores the weird, funny, and mysterious aspects of art history, addressing questions like the authenticity of the Mona Lisa and the complexities of Van Gogh's life. Notably, the podcast injects modern relevance into historical narratives, such as the episode on Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera under the theme of modern love.

6. The Great Women Artists
"The Great Women Artists" podcast, hosted by curator and art historian Katy Hessel, is a powerful celebration of female artists worldwide. Emerging from Hessel's successful @thegreatwomenartists Instagram account, the podcast embraces diversity by featuring artists from various disciplines, including classics, history, and literature. Hessel's inclusive approach welcomes both young graduates and established masters, highlighting that art transcends experience. In each episode, Hessel engages in insightful interviews with guests, including artists, curators, writers, and art enthusiasts, discussing their favorite female artists. Notable interviews with iconic figures like Tracy Emin and Mary Beard have contributed to the podcast's acclaim. Recently featuring an episode with Doris Salcedo, "The Great Women Artists" continues to enrich the cultural landscape, emphasizing the significance of female contributions in the art world.

7. Bad at Sports
"Bad at Sports" is a weekly podcast and blog produced in Chicago. Founded in 2005, it features artists talking about art and the community that creates, reviews, and critiques it. Hosted by Duncan MacKenzie, Richard Holland, and Amanda Browder, the podcast engages in in-depth conversations that delve into the practices and perspectives of significant figures in the art world through an online audio format. Known for its contemporary art talk without the ego, the podcast offers in-depth interviews and discussions with a variety of art world guests, aiming to provide insights into the art community in an accessible manner. Bad at Sports has recently garnered acclaim through compelling interviews with iconic figures such as Andrew Mcilvaine, Marnie Ellen Hertzler, Lee Hunter, Juan Angel Chavez, and Slinko.

8. The Jealous Curator's "Art For Your Ear"
The Jealous Curator's "Art For Your Ear" podcast, hosted by Danielle Krysa, offers an inside look into the art world through intimate interviews with contemporary artists. Krysa, also known as The Jealous Curator, draws on her background in art history to provide listeners with behind-the-scenes stories and personal insights from the artists themselves. The podcast began in 2015 and features engaging and humorous conversations with successful artists, offering a glimpse into their lives and creative processes. The podcast is available for subscription on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and a new episode is released weekly on Saturdays. It has become a valuable resource for art enthusiasts looking to connect with the human stories behind the art.

9. Creative Pep Talk
"Creative Pep Talk" is a podcast hosted by Andy J. Pizza, an American illustrator and storyteller based in Columbus, Ohio. The podcast offers advice and inspiration for creatives looking to pursue their passions and build successful careers in the creative industry. Andy J. Pizza draws on his own experiences and those of his guests to provide actionable tips and insights into the creative process. The podcast has become a valuable resource for artists and creatives looking to take their work to the next level. Featuring notable guests like Lisa Congdon, Morgan Harper Nichols, and Abbi Jacobson, the podcast explores diverse perspectives, providing insights into overcoming creativity blocks, designing a career through social media, and fostering an artistic mindset.

10. The Modern Art Notes
"The Modern Art Notes Podcast" is a weekly interview program that features historians, artists, authors, curators, and conservators, covering a range of topics related to modern and contemporary art. Launched in 2011 and hosted by award-winning art critic and historian Tyler Green, the podcast transcends the typical studio format, offering engaging live-audience episodes at esteemed American art museums such as the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and the Nasher Sculpture Center. A new episode published every Thursday, the podcast showcases insightful conversations with historians, artists, authors, curators, and conservators, covering a diverse array of topics related to modern and contemporary art. Tyler Green's adept interviewing skills and the podcast's commitment to exploring the nuances of the art world make it an invaluable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of the creative process and the historical context of artistic works.