Tony Siragusa Cause of Death: Social Media Speculates if Obesity or Covid-19 Vaccine Triggered a Fatal Heart Attack

NFL player and television personality Tony Siragusa died at the age of 55. His death has created a buzz on social media platforms as his fans are eager to know the actual cause of his death.

In the ongoing speculations, some of his fans and colleagues have stated that his obesity must have triggered a sudden heart attack that became the cause of his death. Whereas some feel that it was because of the COVID-19 vaccine that Siragusa suffered a heart attack and died in his sleep.

Tony Siragusa

Anti-Vax Groups Demand Investigation Into Tony Siragusa's Death?

The Anti Vax groups have once again expressed their resentment over the use of Covid-19 vaccine calling it a "killer".

Popularly referred to as "The Goose", Siragusa weighed 330lbs as a player. It was his happy go luck personality that made him popular among his fans.

As reported by New York Post, Siragusa died in his sleep. The report also stated that Siragusa, in one of his interviews dating back to 2012, had mentioned about his father had died because of heart attack at the age of 48. The player had also referred to the fact that the disease runs in his family adding that he had asked his wife to put a smile on his face if he suffered a similar fate. He had also asked to play Frank Sinatra on his death.

A Twitter user replying to @nypost wrote, "There should be a criminal investigation into Tony Siragusa's death to determine if the dangerous Covid-19 vaccines had anything to do with his sudden and unexpected death."

"How many more must "suddenly die" before they tell us what's causing this??? Is it the vaccine? Long -time NFL star, Fox Reporter Tony Siragusa Suddenly Dies In His Sleep At Age 55," wrote another Twitter user.

"This is chilling Tony Siragusa just passed away at 55 years old here he is talking about his dad's heart attack at age 48 & how he held his dad in his arms as he passed Tony talking about his own mortality & wanting Sinatra played is RIP Goose," read a tweet.

This article was first published on June 23, 2022