Toned abs at 50: What is the secret behind Jennifer Lopez' perfect figure?

Having a great body at 50 definitely sounds like a dream. But, getting those six-pack abs isn't impossible. Have a look at what Jennifer Lopez does to have the perfect body

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez. Pinterest

At the age of 50, when most people tend to give up on their bodies and are usually laid back, the prominent singer, Jennifer Lopez keeps herself fit and toned. She recently posted a gym selfie that made every one of her fans go bonkers. The "Waiting for Tonight" singer has followed a strict diet and to maintain that body at 50, also requires a lot of self-discipline. She has shared a few gym workout videos along with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez. The secret behind Lopez' toned abs and body is that she engages in fasted cardio. This means that an individual is required to not eat before the workout routine.

A good night's rest, followed by a sweaty morning workout without snacking on anything (having water is allowed) simply indicates fasted cardio workout. Engaging in this type of workout helps burn fat. J.Lo practices this form of workout and the results are shocking and wonderful. When training on an empty stomach the body is forced into working towards burning increased amounts of fat. Not so long ago, Jennifer Lopez along with her fiancé went on a 10-day diet challenge. This diet sounds strict and intense as sugar and carbs are eliminated from the diet. J.Lo admitted to having felt good while pursuing this diet.

The "On The Floor" singer also mentioned that she never misses her workout. Anytime she feels low or isn't in a good state of mind, she goes to the gym and sweats it all out. Pole dancing is something that J.Lo has been training for off lately. For her next movie, Hustlers, Jennifer is practising and training for the role of a pole dancer. She says, "I have a lot of respect for people who do the pole." When J.Lo says strict diet, she means it. The singer avoids having processed and packed food items while working towards achieving her goals. Another secret? J.Lo hasn't had caffeine in years!