Tom Hiddleston reveals about his relationship with Taylor Swift and 'I Love T.S.' shirt

'Taylor is an amazing woman. She's generous and kind and lovely, and we had the best of time. Of course, it was real'

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston is dating Taylor Swift Reuters

After being mum for months, actor Tom Hiddleston finally revealed about his relationship with singer Taylor Swift. He agreed that the news about their relationship was not all fake and that it was "the real deal." The rumours about the couple started circulating after they were spotted kissing on the Rhode Island beaches and the pictures surfaced. It was then just a few weeks since Swift broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

Hiddleston and Swift were often spotted together traveling or hanging out with some friends, partying or visiting their families. However, the rumours of their romance coming to an end were also sudden and quick. Their breakup rumours swirled around the internet.

In his recent interview with GQ, the actor revealed the story behind the "I Love T.S." shirt. He accepted that he had a relationship with Swift and described Swift as an amazing woman. He also said, "Taylor is an amazing woman. She's generous and kind and lovely, and we had the best of time. Of course, it was real."

According to the actor, they had a regular relationship but things did not work because they are both celebrities and it became impossible for them to continue the relationship as they were always in the limelight. Revealing about the controversial "I Love T.S." shirt, the actor said it was a kind of a joke.

He shared that it was the Fourth of July, a public holiday and he was playing a game with some friends when he fell accidentally and hurt his back. He borrowed a shirt from his friend and surprisingly his friend had this "I Love T.S." shirt. According to Hiddleston, the shirt was not a big deal, fans just made it one.

According to Yahoo, the actor was also spotted with a temporary tattoo of a heart with a "T" in the middle of it. The actor did not give any further detail about it. It is not known if it had got anything to do with Swift or not.

This article was first published on February 10, 2017