Tom Cruise trying to lure Jennifer Aniston and make her join Scientology?

Jennifer Aniston has stayed single since splitting with Justin Theroux in 2018.

An American tabloid has come up with explosive claims that Tom Cruise wants to date Jennifer Aniston. The publication further claimed that the Mission Impossible star hopes the 50-year-old actress will become a member of the Scientology.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split in 2012 Reuters

According to NW, after Globe reported that the former Friends star is considering joining the controversial religion, Tom was "over the moon" when he heard the news. An alleged source said: "Tom's plotting a meeting with her ASAP under the guise of showing her a script. He knows Jen would guarantee the future of the church, and, of course, it would provide him the chance to finally get to know her better. He'd absolutely try to seduce her. What single man wouldn't?"

"Jen's ready to date again and it would be ideal to dip her toe back into that world by hooking up with someone as famous as her since they understand the need for privacy," the unnamed source shared.

"She never thought Tom was her type, but she's aware that she needs to step outside of her comfort zone. She doesn't see him as marriage material, but she knows they'd have fun together," the source dished.

However, these reports seem to be just another rumour, as Aniston and Tom have stayed single and away from spotlight, since their split from their respective partners.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston has been single since splitting with Justin Theroux Reuters

The Top Gun star married Katie Holmes in 2006, seven months after the birth of Suri Cruise. However, the Dawson's Creek actress filed for divorce in June 2012 after five years of their marriage.

Meanwhile, Aniston parted ways with her second husband Justin Theroux in 2018, after two and a half years of marriage and seven years as a couple. Ever since then, her name has been linked with many A-list celebrities from the entertainment world.

During an interview on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show, host Howard Stern asked the Just Go With It actress whether she would want him to set her up on date. She revealed that she is very busy with her ongoing projects and is not looking for a special someone at that moment.

She added: "But listen, I just don't like being set up. I don't like it. Hate it."

In 2018, during an interview with InStyle magazine, Aniston opened up about false rumors surrounding her love life. She revealed she constantly hears made-up stories about herself, but she has learned to ignore them for the most part.

She said: "The misconceptions are 'Jen can't keep a man,' and 'Jen refuses to have a baby because she's selfish and committed to her career.' Or that I'm sad and heartbroken. First, with all due respect, I'm not heartbroken. And second, those are reckless assumptions. No one knows what's going on behind closed doors. No one considers how sensitive that might be for my partner and me. They don't know what I've been through medically or emotionally."

Aniston added: "There is a pressure on women to be mothers, and if they are not, then they're deemed damaged goods. Maybe my purpose on this planet isn't to procreate. Maybe I have other things I'm supposed to do?"