The seventh installment of the Tom Cruise-led Mission Impossiblefranchise is likely to resume filming in September according to reports. This surely is great news for Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible fans as it's quite some time that the sixth installment hit the screens. The coronavirus pandemic played spoilsport just days before shooting for Mission Impossible 7 was about to begin in Italy.

Since then things have once gone worse and the entire movie industry across the world has come to a halt. However, it seems production studios are finally rescheduling their shoots and if everything goes fine, the crew will resume shooting a chunk of the portion in the U.K.

MI: 7 to Be Shot in Multiple Locations

Mission: Impossible Fallout
Mission Impossible: 7 been was poised to kick-off filming for three weeks in Venice in northern Italy in February but the Covid-19 pandemic forced it to shutdown YouTube Grab

Mission: Impossible 7 is set to kick off filming again in September, after it was shutdown in February due to the coronavirus outbreak. According to a report in Variety, Actor Simon Pegg, who plays Benji Dunn in the franchise, said that a September restart is "the plan" for the film. "That will begin with the outdoor stuff," said Pegg, adding "That feels fairly doable, and obviously there will be precautions put in place."

Also, the film's first assistant director Tommy Gormley confirmed the development to BBC Radio 4's Today on Tuesday. "We hope to visit all the countries we planned to go to and do a big chunk back in the UK on the backlot and in the studio, so September through to end of April is our target and we are convinced that we can do this." Mission Impossible: 7 been was poised to kick-off filming for three weeks in Venice in northern Italy in February but the Covid-19 pandemic forced it to shutdown. Coronavirus cases were one of the highest in northeast Italy.

Shooting Location Still Unclear

The seventh installment will be shot at multiple locations, with major portions likely to be film in the U.K. YouTube Grab

It is still unclear where the film would begin shooting as the Mission Impossible franchise is known for utilizing multiple international locations as the backdrop for its action. According to Gormley, the film, as planned, will be shot at multiple countries with major portions to likely to be shot in the U.K.

However, it will be a big challenge for the production team to shooting a film post the coronavirus-related lockdown as the crew will have to follow strict guidelines. Gormley said that shooting a film in the era of Covid-19 will definitely be complex but the production house will rise to the challenge. Gormley was speaking as part of a segment examining the UK's freshly announced guidelines for shooting safely in the era of Covid-19 which were unveiled by the British Film Commission on Monday.

The British Film Commission recently announced guidelines for restarting of filming for movies and TV in the U.K. The 44-page document has been written in conjunction with the BFI, and puts in place instructions for social distancing and other protocols. Included in the guidelines are ways to reduce instances of filming crowd scenes, close face-to-face filming with actors, and other guidelines for everything from transport to hair and make-up.