Tom Cruise dating mystery woman as actor is jealous Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's love life

Tom Cruise is keeping the new relationship under wraps.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split in 2012 Reuters

Tom Cruise seems to have finally moved on from Katie Holmes. The Mission Impossible actor allegedly found himself a girlfriend as he is jealous of former wife's relationship with Jamie Foxx.

According to a report in Hollywood Life, the 54-year-old actor is keeping the new relationship under wraps. A source said: "He was introduced to [his new girlfriend] by a mutual friend on-set of one of his films. Tom has been dating the new woman for a while and they are working hard to keep the relationship secret until the time is right."

"Things are still fresh and new between them. The secrecy of their romance is making everything fun, sexy and thrilling. Tom does not want the scrutiny of again dating in the public eye. He knows that everyone will be watching them and pick her apart and he doesn't want to go through that again," the insider added.

"Tom is thrilled to have new romance since Katie and Jaime [Foxx]'s romance looks to be serious. He is no fool and it still kinda irks him that Katie has moved on from their marriage. Tom has not had anyone serious or special in his life since Katie, so he is happy that he finally has something exciting and new. It feels good for him to have someone for himself that takes his mind of his ex Katie and what she is up to," the source continued.

Holmes had filed for divorce from Cruise on 28 June 2012. Even though the reasons were not revealed in public, reports started making rounds that it had to do with Cruise's faith in Scientology as a religion.

The split came as a shock to thousands of fans who believed that the Cruise-Katie marriage was perfect in every sense. At that time, Larry Hackett, managing editor of People magazine, called this the biggest celebrity story in two or three years, excepting the sudden death of Whitney Houston.