Tom Cruise dating: Katie Holmes' ex-husband afraid of falling in love?

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Katie Holmes is in an alleged relationship with Jamie Foxx. These two have been photographed together on several occasions but what we don't get to see is Tom Cruise with his girlfriend.

Ever since Tom Cruise's divorce with Katie Holmes, the most celebrated Hollywood star has focused solely on his work. He has given us several high-octane action thrillers and in the years to come, he is going to follow the same trend. However, fans are curious as to whom he is currently dating and if he is not dating anyone then what's the reason behind it?

There was a time when Tom Cruise was considered the hottest actor in Hollywood. Over the years, he was involved with several actresses like Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. After his divorce from Holmes, Tom does casual dating only and he is not seriously involved with anyone, revealed an insider to HollywoodLife.

The alleged insider revealed that since his divorce from Katie Holmes, Tom has reportedly been hesitant to fall in love again. The Top Gun movie star even feels that he would be all right if he will stay single throughout his life.

"Tom does casually date women, but never in public. He is always very private and he does not have a steady girlfriend," the alleged source added. "Tom prefers to romance women who share similar spiritual interests, which narrows his field when choosing a romantic partner."

As Tom Cruise fans know that the Vanilla Sky movie star has three failed marriages and there are chances that he may never get married again.

"He values his privacy and his religion comes before relationships or anything else, which is fine by him," contends the source further.

Tom Cruise has always been a busy man and his dedication towards movies shows that he is very sincere when it comes to his career. It won't be wrong to say that his career is his top priority. He will soon be seen in Top Gun Maverick and there are at least two more Mission Impossible movies lined up for the years to come.

It should be noted that the above claims are not verified by Tom Cruise's rep. As far as the media is aware of, Tom is currently not involved with anyone.