Tokyo witnesses over 130 new Coronavirus cases, highest jump in a day: Report

The coronavirus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times spreading to over 170 countries worldwide

Over 130 people got newly infected with the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 in Tokyo, Japan's NHK public broadcaster stated on Sunday, citing the officials of the metropolitan government. This was the highest increaser in the number of confirmed cases so far, which brought the total number of positive cases in the capital to over 1,000, NHK stated.

The metropolitan government of Tokyo has strongly urged the people to be at home as the city of 13 million has seen an increase in the number of cases recently. The governor Yuriko Koike appeared on a morning news on Sunday and also repeated that her call to residents for avoiding unnecessary outings, stating that lives were at stake.

Tokyo witnesses spike in Coronavirus cases

131 more coronavirus cases confirmed in China IANS

Global cases of the new coronavirus have shot past one million with more than 64,000 fatalities. Japan has so far been spared the kind of explosive surge seen in Europe, the United States and elsewhere, with some 3,000 cases and 73 deaths as of Friday.

In light of the increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases in Tokyo, there have been a growing call on the central government to call for a "state of emergency," which unlike in other countries, comes with limited enforcement power in Japan.

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