Tokyo Vanity Defends Meek Mill After Twitter Users Mock Him For Giving $20 to Kids Selling Water in Atlanta

Calling the children 'ungrateful', Tokyo Vanity said the criticism against Meek Mill was uncalled for

"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Tokyo Vanity defended fellow rapper Meek Mill after social media users mocked him for offering $20 to a group of children selling packaged water in Atlanta. Calling the children "ungrateful," Tokyo Vanity said the criticism against Meek Mill was uncalled for and that he did not have to pay them.

Meek Mill posted a video on his Instagram status showing the children trying to sell bottled water to him in Atlanta. However, the group in the video apparently gets agitated after he offers them $20 and asks them to split it among themselves. The 33-year-old rapper retweeted the video saying that the children were being appreciative. However, Twitter users were not convinced and criticized him for giving only $20 to the children while he sat inside a "$400k car."

"They did not appreciate it lmao, their faces said it all. You gave hustling kids $2.50 a piece after they have to go break the sh**, while in a 400k car. [Should've] just passed by, it [wasn't] a good look bro," one user replied to Meek Mill.

"$20, bro is rich, [could've] given them at least a good 200," tweeted another user.

Meek Mill
Meek Mill Twitter/Meek Mill

However, Tokyo Vanity defended Meek Mill saying that the rapper did not owe anything to the children. She also recalled her experience when offering money to roadside children in Atlanta.

"Y'all ever been to Atlanta? Them LIL N****s [act] as f**k and aggressive..., hand prints all over yo car, water bottle greasy and nasty and hot," Tokyo Vanity, whose real name is Shantell Allen, posted on Instagram. "I give them money all the time and let them keep the water. They are very ungrateful. They think if you give 1 N***A some money, you gotta give all them some money."

Tokyo Vanity continued: "They think if you give 1 n***a some money you gotta give all of them some money,". "Respectfully, ya'll got Meek f***ed up cause he ain't even have to give them S**T. Take the 20 and buy all y'all 5-6 more cases of water to sell, that's how you split it."

Some social media users were supportive of her opinion and said that people should avoid "judging" celebrities over such incidents. Others agreed with Tokyo Vanity that the children were being "aggressive" when Meek Mill offered them money.

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