Titans season 2: Nightwing new costume revealed as DC fans are more excited to see his butt

The Nightwing costume reveal is finally done and dusted but fans aren't going to stop gushing over the suit's butt padding particularly

Titans season 2 Dick Grayson
Titans season 2 Dick Grayson/ Facebook

Its been a long worthwhile wait for DC fans who have been anticipating Brenton Thwaites' Dick Grayson to finally embrace his Nightwing persona in DC Universe' Titan series. The character has gone from being the downcast version of Robin to transforming into his destined superhero identity. But it isn't just the character's arc that's gotten viewers excited.

Dick Grayson's butt has been a topic of great taste of interest among fans ever since the comic book days. The early look at Thwaites in the Nightwing suit during the filming of Titans season 2 got Twitter especially fired up to witness the upcoming reveal.

Grayson will don the Nightwing costume in the final episode of Titans season 2

Earlier on Thursday, the Nightwing costume was officially revealed at a DC Universe exclusive event. Reactions towards the first look have been massively positive with many being ecstatic about the armored suit having no plating at the butt area. You can check out the reactions below.

Titans season 2 trailer screenshot
Titans season 2 trailer screenshot/ Youtube DC Universe

Thwaites will be wearing the suit which is built with muscular armor plating in Titans season 2 finale episode titled 'Nightwing' and will see the superhero take on Deathstroke.

Titans Season 2 set photos offered DC fans first look at Nightwing suit

The much-awaited reveal also came with a question for showrunner Greg Walker on what took the team so long to introduce Nightwing. The reason seems to be entirely related to properly establishing the character's final transformation.

"It's such a big deal, becoming [Nightwing], and we didn't just want him to show up in the suit," Walker said to EW. "It had to be a representation of where he evolved as a character over the course of those two seasons."

The showrunner also pointed out the growth aspect of Dick since the first episode from Titans. The character grew out of his "exile from his dysfunctional relationship with Bruce Wayne." The downfall slowly sets up to his next journey as he recognizes his errors and evolves past Robin while questioning "if he's not Robin anymore, then who he is?"

Fortunately, fans won't have to wait long to find out as Titans season 2 finale will stream Friday, November 29 on DC Universe. Stay tuned for more updates.