Tired of Kids Eating Junk During Quarantine? THIS Mother has an Idea, but Not All Can Afford it

The kids can get snacks from the vending machine at home only after completing household chores or school work.

Quarantine life is difficult, especially when you have to manage your household chores and office work. Then imagine how hideous it would be when there are kids too at home. Also, with not much physical activities, adults and children tend to eat a lot of junk and unhealthy food during this period. And you know what happens due to this!

Now, a mother of four from Ashington, Northumberland in the UK, who became tired of making the kids realize the issues of consuming junk food, has come up with an interesting idea to make her kids also understand the value of earned money.

Sarah Balsdon, 29, bought a second-hand vending machine unit for her kids filled with chocolates, sweets and crisps. Sounds fun right? But the kids -- Shannon, 9, Lucy, 8, Jack, 5 and Elijah, 2 -- just can't get hold of the snacks all the time! The kids will have to earn money to buy the snacks from the machine only by completing their household chores or school work during the lockdown period.

Some of their daily tasks to earn money include cleaning their bedrooms, dusting, unloading the dishwasher, to name a few, thereby helping the parents. But yeah, all the healthy snacks can be availed for free.

Kids get snacks from vending machine
Kids pose for a pic in front of the vending machine nobodywantstobabysit/Instagram

"Lets see if they can sneak sweets and treats now! So sick of the arguments about unhealthy snacks (esp with lockdown) so I have bought a vending machine! If they want sweets they can do things (chores, school work etc) to earn money for them. The kids are very excited about this but not as excited as me! (sic)," the mother, who is also a nurse, shared on her Instagram handle.

Though the kids were not happy with this creative idea initially, it seems they are now enjoying as this activity is helping them to save pocket money and use it to buy their favorite snack whenever they want to.

Look at the excitement of this kid, who is definitely going to understand the true value of earned money. The family bought the vending machine for £100. But, yeah, not everyone can afford to spend money on the same.

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