Tim Cook blames 'pause' in iPhone 7 purchases on iPhone 8 rumours

The recent flurry of iPhone 8 rumours could actually be hindering iPhone 7 sales, opines Apple CEO.

iPhone 8 concept

In the company's recent quarterly earnings call, Apple's CEO Tim Cook has blamed the pause in iPhone 7 sales over the increasing iPhone 8 rumours in the recent times. Responding to a query on the earnings call based on the 451 research survey, Cook revealed his own perspective on the nine-year low in iPhone purchase intent.

Although Cook hasn't been able to read the report in detail, he had this to say regarding the recent fall in iPhone 7 sales:

"But in general what we are seeing, we're seeing what we believe to be a pause in purchases on iPhone which we believe are due to the earlier and much more frequent reports about future iPhones. And so that part is clearly going on, and it could be what's behind the data. I don't know but we are seeing that, in full transparency."

It is quite natural for prospective iPhone buyers to hold off on upgrading their existing phone for the forthcoming flagship iPhone 8, which is touted as one of the biggest upgrades ever to be released in the iPhone history.

Some of the noteworthy features that are likely to make their way into the next-gen aka tenth-anniversary iPhone are listed below: 5.8in bezel-less aka edge-to-edge display and integrated Touch ID, front camera, speaker and sensors.

The iPhone 8 could indeed feature the virtual buttons that's accessible below the phone's 5.15in display area, which is meant to serve as the reseved function area. In order to accomodate a larger battery pack, the phone might also feature a stacked logic board design.

Other interesting features that are likely to debut with the iPhone 8 include wireless charging, an Iris or face scanner and a 3D camera.

As far as the release date is concerned, the next-gen iPhone could be pushed back to October or November. That should give ample time for Apple to sort out bugs and teething issues with the handset, ahead of the flagship phone's global release.