Tim Cahill's Secret Weapon For Superior Performance - The Better Breathing Sport

Tim Cahill

Training your body with physical activity and exercise is a strategy instilled in anyone looking to increase performance, become stronger, feel healthier and look better. Although some people might skip "leg day", how many people do you know are making sure they're doing their breathing exercises and keeping up on "lungs day"?

While we all require breathing to live, efficient oxygen delivery is one of the key factors for health and is essential for increasing sporting performance. Thanks to Better Breathing Sport, you can now actively strengthen your lungs and improve your breathing, unlocking a plethora of health benefits and enabling you to smash your PB's.

Better Breathing Sport is the world's first breathing resistance device that incorporates vibrations for effective lung hygiene clearance processes, and improved lung volume for an optimized oxygen delivery system. Created in 2021, the team behind Better Breathing Sport shared a vision of a product that created an enhanced quality of life for people around the world by improving their breathing technique and lung quality.

With a non-intrusive and easy-to-use design, the Better Breathing Sports device comes complete with adjustable ball bearings that act as 'lung weights' which you can use to progressively overload your workout and continue to improve your breathing.

Effective oxygen delivery is essential to good health and by training your lungs, you'll see important increases in your body's ability to generate energy and sustain energy in your muscles while reducing lactic acid build up which leads to increased recovery time. Not only does stronger lungs mean a stronger ability to hold your breath, but you'll also be able tp push yourself further and for longer, increasing your overall sporting performance.

Even outside of athletic performance-intensive settings, using the Better Breathing Sport you will see big improvements in your daily quality of life through enhanced oxygen delivery and breathing technique, leading to better sleep quality, a more balanced body, mind and overall wellness.

Legendary soccer player Tim Cahill has been loving the Better Breathing Sport, believing in the product so much he's signed on as a brand ambassador. "I've found the Better Breathing Sport really helpful in a variety of situations." stated Tim. "I especially like to use it as part of my warm-up before exercise. I find that it helps to prepare my body for whatever workout I'm about to do. It's become a part of my daily routine."

By using the Better Breathing Sport device as a primer for physical activity you can unlock your body's ability to perform at peak effectiveness and see better results in your performance and your fitness progression. All it takes is 5 minutes of use 30 minutes before your workout, 2 times a day for the first 2-3 weeks, and 2 times per week afterwards to fully maximize your workout performance.

Connect with the Better Breathing Sport team through their website, and check out their Instagram and Facebook social media pages to learn more about how you can strengthen your lungs and improve your life through Better Breathing!

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