TikTok Star Nickyardy Shares How He Hit 250K Followers in 7 Months


The rise of social media has made it possible for anyone to become a star in their own right. From Instagram to YouTube, social media platforms give users a chance to live out their creativity and express themselves in ways they may not be able to elsewhere. TikTok, a popular app where users can create short videos of themselves and share them on the platform, is one such social media outlet that has seen its fair share of viral stars emerge in recent years. With its fun filters and easy accessibility, TikTok has grown exponentially in popularity to over 1 billion active monthly users as of 2022. Consequently, it is no surprise that some TikTok stars have become millionaires from their followings. One such star is Nickyardy, who hit 250K followers on the platform in 7 months and became a millionaire only 2 years after getting out of prison.

In his journey to success, Nickyardy has not only managed to break all stereotypes but also inspires people from all walks of life through his perseverance and resilience. Going from "just out of jail and broke" to a self-made millionaire running a multimillion-dollar social media company was no easy feat. For starters, Nickyardy admits he didn't always have the correct answers. From creating content to how the algorithms work, Nickyardy often found himself drowning in more questions than answers. To overcome this, he used the trial-and-error method more often than not and spent many late nights watching YouTube videos to learn about the business side of content creation. Nickyardy applied most of the lessons he discovered and gradually started building a successful brand.

That's the same thing Nickyardy recommends other aspiring content creators do if they want to succeed faster in their chosen field. "I would recommend to everyone that they wake up every day with a sponge mindset," Nickyardy shares. His advice to creators is to soak up everything they can and use the lessons to improve their lives. Nickyardy points out that knowledge is power, and even better, it's easily accessible these days. "You can even learn from a homeless person," he adds. But learning is only the first step toward succeeding. Even if you sit at the feet of world-renowned masters, success will not find you if you are just a passive participant. You must implement the knowledge you gain to make any significant improvements to your life. Nickyardy's life changed for good the day he learned that lesson.

Between January and July this year, Nickyardy dedicated his efforts to growing his personal brand. This was not something he'd previously given much attention to, which he now admits was a mistake. Thankfully, he has acquired a lot of knowledge over the past two years that he now uses to scale his brand. That's how he managed to get 250K followers barely 7 months after starting building the brand. Impressive as that is, Nickyardy has not stopped dreaming and hoping for bigger and better things. His vision is to expand his empire and build a brand that will speak for itself in the social media world. Nickyardy's other dream is to use the platform he will create to uplift others and raise a lot of new young millionaires.