TikTok Star Anthony Barajas Dies After Being Gunned Down on First Date; Netizens call For Banning of 'Purge'

After lying on life support for five days, popular TikTok star Anthony Barajas died early Saturday following the shooting at a cinema while he was on a first date. He and his date, Rylee Goodrich were both shot at a California movie screening of The Forever Purge. Goodrich died instantly, and Barajas was put on life support.

The Corona Police Department has been notified that Anthony Barajas passed away early this morning.

July 26 Shootings at a Southern California Movie Theater

Anthony Barajas and Rylee Goodrich attended a late-night screening of The Forever Purge at the Crossings mall in Corona on Monday when they were both gunned down. According to multiple media reports, workers discovered the teenagers after the movie ended as they were cleaning up. Investigators said that the film had only a few people in attendance and labeled the shooting as "an unprovoked attack."

Rylee Goodrich, an 18-year-old woman who was watching the movie with Barajas at the theater, died of her injuries at the scene. Barajas was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. He had been on life support since Monday's shooting.

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How is the Investigation Going On?

Police arrested Joseph Jimenez, 20, on Tuesday. Authorities recovered a firearm from his residence that matched the weapon used in the shooting, reported BuzzFeed News.

He was booked on charges of murder, attempted murder, and robbery, and was being held on a $2 million bail.

After Barajas' death on Saturday, the Corona Police Department said it was working with the district attorney's office to add an additional count of first-degree murder against Jimenez.

Police said that based on statements from witnesses, "there is no known motive and it appears to be an unprovoked attack."

Police have asked for any tips or help from those who were inside the theater, in another theater, or at the shopping center at the time of the shooting.

A GoFundMe was Created Earlier this Week by Barajas's Family

Barajas, 19, had nearly one million followers on his TikTok account @itsanthonymichael. He was known for his funny videos. A GoFundMe was created earlier this week by his family, reported TODAY.

"We lost our amazing brother, son and friend in a tragic accident and is on life support currently," the description read. "Anthony was the light of so many people's lives and there are tough times ahead, but we have amazing family and friends to get through this."

Goodrich was the owner of a lash extensions business who had won a scholarship to Grand Canyon University's STEM program. She was home from the summer visiting family when she was killed, family members told ABC7.

Social Media Reactions

Meanwhile, people on social media are expressing their thoughts and condolences to their family and friends. One Twitter user wrote, "They were both so young, full of life and surrounded with love. My condolences to the families involved." Some on the internet are questioning the safety of the theatres. One person wrote, "It's pretty odd that there's not more security around movie theatres, especially after several mass shootings."

On the other hand, some netizens think that the movie should be banned. The movie, The Forever Purge, tells the story of Mexican migrants targeted by vigilantes during an annual US government 'purge', during which all crime is legal for 12 hours. One social media user wrote, "Ban that movie. Rip senseless execution murders by evil monster." Some think that the movie has nothing to do with this incident and it's a senseless argument to drag the movie in this scenario.