Tianyun Jiang's Thoughtful Redesign of Hongkong Maxim Mooncake Packaging Wins Gold at 2023 Muse Design Awards

The Thread

In a triumph of creativity and thoughtful design, graphic designer Tianyun Jiang, a professional in packaging and visual design, clinched the Gold Rank at the 2023 Muse Design Awards in the Packaging Design category. Tianyun's winning entry, 'The Thread', reimagined the traditional mooncake packaging, earning accolades from judges for its vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and embodiment of love and thoughtfulness.

The judges of the Muse Design Awards commented 'The Thread,' noting that opening the packaging was akin to stepping into another realm. The interior bursts into vivid and ebullient colors, creating an experience that perfectly aligns with the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Designed to be a heartfelt gift for families and friends during the festival, 'The Thread' stood out among the submissions, leaving a lasting impression on both the judges and consumers.

Tianyun Jiang revealed that her inspiration for 'The Thread' came from the Chinese national festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, where families traditionally gather to enjoy mooncakes together. While acknowledging the significance of the traditional Hong Kong Maxim Mooncake, Tianyun felt a need to elevate the packaging design, infusing it with a contemporary vibe.

The design's color scheme, featuring dark and golden hues, exudes a high-end elegance that captivates consumers. The vintage-inspired logo, reminiscent of traditional Chinese book covers, lends an air of nostalgia, connecting the packaging with cultural roots. The delicate threads in the background symbolize the interconnectedness between people, emphasizing the importance of togetherness during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Inside the packaging, intricate illustrations narrate a legendary Chinese tale of reunion, underscoring the value of cherishing and rekindling precious relationships.

The meticulous arrangement of small mooncake boxes within 'The Thread' mirrors the menus provided for emperors during the Qing dynasty, evoking a sense of dignity and grandeur. Each box features flavors of the delectable mooncakes, elegantly inscribed in Chinese calligraphy, adding to the overall aura of sophistication.

Apart from winning the prestigious Muse Design Award, 'The Thread' also won the Graphis Design Award 2024 and the GDUSA 2023 American Package Design competition. In a conversation with us, Tianyun shared, "I wanted to capture the essence of togetherness and celebration that defines the Mid-Autumn Festival."