The Thrust For Ground-Breaking Stories Made Jackson Gosnell A Young Journalist

Jackson Gosnell

Jackson Gosnell has been breaking the internet with his investigative journalism. Since the beginning of his reporting, Jackson has become an icon on social media. He has gained thousands of followers over the past few months across many platforms. He got interested in reporting and news when he was twelve after doing a local interview on Fox Carolina in Greenville, South Carolina. From this day forward Jackson wanted to learn more about the TV business. He spent hours watching the news to see what all was put into it. On the weekends Jackson was visiting local TV stations to watch them gather the news, write scripts, and go on the air. "It was very fascinating and I wanted to be in on the fun," says Jackson. Getting in on the fun is exactly what he did. Jackson began gathering information and presenting it on social media. Now, Jackson is continuing this many years later. Not all are supportive, but Jackson says that is the best part. "You can't please everyone, you'll have haters and you'll have mega supporters, you just take what you can get and push yourself to do better every day," says Jackson. His friends love this "go-getter" attitude and so do all of his followers. "I was taught to never give up and always go after your dreams no matter how big, I think everyone should do just that".

He has taken interviews of renowned celebrities, with The White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. He even partnered with Coleman of Gaston Talks for attending a Trump campaign event where McEnany was to be interviewed. Not only has this Gosnell even attended Press Conferences with Senators, Governors, and other public officials.

Other Media Professionals look forward to his work and appreciate how dedicated he is. He did not even stop working during the pandemic and did his recent story.

While scrolling through his Instagram account " you will notice that he has his thoughts on every issue going on in the world. A Journalist needs to have his views on breaking news and Jackson has that in him. Nowadays the media is losing their essence and it is important that the upcoming generation put their feet forward and improve the situation. He is young but familiar with the things happening around and still exploring and will surely continue his groundbreaking stories.