Through the 'Walk to Earn' NFT project, Walken propagates a healthy lifestyle.

Walk to Earn

A new blockchain trend is just around the corner, and it's about to fill your wallet with some newfangled crypto tokens. Several companies are opening new avenues for sports and NFT fanatics by offering blockchain-based experiences. The latest trend, known as the 'Move to earn,' or 'Move2Earn', is starting to make its way into competitive gaming. The idea is simple: gamers are rewarded for their athletic prowess by earning crypto tokens that can be used to purchase items or cathedrals on its item marketplace.

Walken is a blockchain project that integrates sports and NFT. Walken's goal is to create a platform that allows athletes and their fans to share and compete with each other through the means of sport. Walken players are rewarded for their athletic prowess by earning Gems, which help them upgrade their in-game characters - cathedrals. Cathedrals act as warriors on the battlefield as they help protect, grow and evolve players' characters in real-time, battling against rival cathedrals (or other players) and gathering resources that can be used to upgrade stats– speed, stamina, power - among others. In addition, players are encouraged to walk more, thus capturing the essence of a healthy lifestyle. One can also sync their Apple HealthKit with Walken to count steps or utilize algorithm-based validation to stay on the safe side.

As you progress through the project and move to different chapters, you will be able to do more with what you have (from tournaments, player rankings, competitions, and more). The ongoing listing of its WLKN tokens, the official launch, and a plethora of features to be released in 2022 consisted of breeding and tournament, mixing gaming with a healthy lifestyle. The team behind Walken consists of blockchain and fitness enthusiasts whose passion is to make the world healthier by promoting fitness through gameplay.

The tokenomics of this project is powered with a $WLKN token, fungible governance, and staking token used to enhance a user's experience in the Walken app and provide income and benefit for their progress. The token also helps facilitate the management of staking and placement. In addition, $WLKN token holders will be able to vote on the project's future alongside staking it to earn rewards.

Walken put forward a series of in-game events that rewards athletes with Walken tokens ($WLKN) while challenging them to walk the most they can. Walken creates a fun, engaging experience that rewards health and fitness through the exciting gameplay while providing incentives for CAThletes to work towards becoming the best athlete possible!

Walken shows an excellent potential for adopting blockchain technologies among gamers and fitness enthusiasts, which is the perfect opportunity to initiate a connection with those communities. The project's goal is to introduce the idea of a healthy lifestyle and improve overall health through player onboarding and reaching new levels of fitness through gameplay. In addition, it aims to introduce CAThletes to Web 3 and the crypto space.