Three-Year-Old Russian Girl Freezes to Death After Sleepwalking into Hallway

The parents of the child found the dead body of their three-year-old daughter near the front door of the home.

A child in Russia died after she sleepwalked and went into the freezing hallway of her home that had a temperature of -15 Degree Celsius. The parents of the three-year-old kid had no idea about the incident and found her dead body near the front door of the home.

Angelina's mother, Svetlana Kuleshova, 23, first noticed the lifeless body of her daughter after she failed to find the kid in her bed. As reported, the family celebrated the birthday of the younger daughter, who turned one, the evening before Angelina's death in Russia's southern town of Satka.

The mother told local police that she put Angelina to bed and she fell asleep before midnight. Svetlana and her husband watched TV before going to bed that night. "When we woke up in the morning, we did not find her in her bed. We found her in the hall. She was lying on the floor," said the mother.

dead body
Child died freezes to death after 'sleepwalking into unheated -15C hallway (Representational image) Reuters

History of Sleepwalking

According to the parents of the deceased child, Angelina was prone to sleepwalking, and several times they had to ease her back to bed. But on the night when the tragic incident happened, almost a week ago, none of the parents noticed the three-year-old girl leaving her room.

Svetlana believes that on that night Angelina sleepwalked into the hall, which is not a heated area of the house, and could not find her way back to her room. "Most likely she didn't find the door handle in the dark and could not go back in," said the mother. The parents said none of them heard any sound throughout the night.

However, police launched a criminal case against the mother for causing death because of negligence and if convicted she could face two years in prison. According to a local law enforcement official, the deceased girl walked into the hall where she suffered from hypothermia and died.