Three shocking developments WWE could be planning in June - Kane and Undertaker to combine?

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A picture of Bray Wyatt
A picture of Bray Wyatt. WWE Twitter Account

In many ways, May was a historical month for professional wrestling - there was an unprecedented success with Money in the Bank and then there was the inception of AEW. Tony Khan and his inception made major headlines and were disruptive with Double or Nothing.

Also, there was the introduction of Wild Card Rule on RAW as well as SmackDown live. Good momentum has been built and now June promises to be an interesting month for the company. There will two pay-per-views which are slated to be held. Also, with AEW coming out with Fyter Fest, WWE has to keep producing good-quality content.

As a result, we expect WWE to make few shocking moves in the upcoming month:

The new Bray Wyatt could make a comeback

Bray Wyatt has managed to hog all the headlines over the past few weeks. The former WWE Champion made his return to television after brief hiatus. He made a splash immediately with a new gimmick and his Firefly House has grabbed all the attention of WWE Universe.

While fans believe Wyatt has said goodbye to his dark side, there are reports which suggest that he might have a split personality. He revealed his dark side in the Firefly house and it was rather scary. He could now make his return to the ring and if the build-up is anything to go by, Vince McMahon might have big plans in place for the former WWE Champion.

Big E could take on Kofi Kingston

If the events of the last week is anything to go by, we could be in for a massive surprise. Big E returned after an injury break and it was celebrated by the New Day members. However, he was attacked in the backstage area on that very night. As per Big E, Kevin Owens was the attacker, a claim which was denied by the former Universal Champion.

Also, as per schedule, Dolph Ziggler is set to face Kofi Kingston at WWE Super ShowDown. Now, Ziggler and Big E started their career almost together, it won't come as surprise if Ziggler and Big E join hands together to take on Kofi Kingston.

Kane could join Undertaker to overpower Goldberg

The Undertaker
The Undertaker in action at Wrestlemania 33 Twitter/@WWEUniverse

Goldberg will take on Undertaker later this month and this will be the first-ever clash of these two superstars. While Goldberg will take the ring after a gap of two years, Undertaker will make a return after two years. Both these names are huge in the universe and hence, it will the biggest clash of the night in Jeddah.

It could well be that we see a twist at the Super ShowDown and if rumours are to be believed Kane and Undertaker could team up much in the same way they ganged up against teamed up to take on DX at Crown Jewel.

Also, there is no love lost between Goldberg and Kane and hence, the involvement of Kane in this feud cannot be ruled out.

This article was first published on June 2, 2019