Three hostages in Abu Sayyaf custody plead for their lives in new video

The Philippines and Canada have made it clear they will not budge to ransom demands.

Three hostages held by Abu Sayyaf militants in the Philippines, including two foreigners, appeared in a new video appealing their governments to meet the demands of the captors.

The appeal comes a week after Canadian hostage John Ridsdel was beheaded by the militant outfit that uses kidnaps-for-ransom to raise funds.

The hostages who appeared in the latest video are a Canadian, a Norwegian and a Filipino. They are seen saying they will be "executed like our friend John" if the militants' demands are not met.

Abu Sayyaf, which has been running a decades-old insurgency in the southern parts of the Philippines, have demanded multi-million dollar ransom for their release.

The Philippines and Canada have made it clear they will not budge to ransom demands.

All the four hostages were abducted from a stronghold of the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf, an Islamist militant group that aims to create an Isis-style caliphate in the south of the Philippines.

The militants had threatened in March they would kill the captives within a month if their demands were not met.

On 26 April, hours after a deadline for the ransom payment ended, the severed head of Ridsdel was found in a street on the remote island of Jolo.

The former mining executive, who had also worked as a journalist, had warned in a video released by his captors that he would be killed if ransom was not paid.

In the latest video the three hostages -- Canadian Robert Hall, his Filipina partner Marites Flor and Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad -- are seen alongside six gunmen and making a plea for their lives.

One of the masked gunmen says the three hostages would be killed if Canada and the Philippines "procrastinate once again".

This is followed by a statement by Hall, who says the governments should "meet the demand" of the kidnappers. He further says the Philippines government should "stop shooting at us and trying to kill us. These guys are going to do a good job of that."

Norwegian Sekkingstad says that "if the demand is not met we will be executed like our friend John was a few days ago".

Flor, the Filipina woman, seeks the help of Philippine officials saying "we want to be freed alive".

The new video was reported by the SITE Intelligence Group, AFP reported.