Three albums and six collections: Quite a tough year for Kanye West

Kanye West tweets he will release three albums and six collections every year. Till now he has released one album and one collection.

We are not sure if it is an official announcement or just another random tweet from Kanye West, but the 38-year-old rapper has announced that he will no more follow the calendar discipline for the release of his album and fashion line.

In his tweet, The Life of Pablo star wrote that he is all set to go 'Mad Max' way and will be releasing six Yeezy fashion collections a year, topping it with the bonus of three albums a year. That's a quite hard work !

In 2015, the 'Graduation' singer released no album but had five singles, including three in collaboration and two solo. Kanye also debuted his first season of Yeezy collection in collaboration with Adidas in 2015, following up with Yeezy season 2 in September at New York Fashion week.

Currently, the 'Gold-Digger' hit maker is apparently working on his new album which is likely tobe released this summer. Kanye has titled his upcoming album - Turbo Graphix 16, which will be his second album this year after Life of Pablo went live on Tidal in February.

Talking about Kanye's fashion label, the designer introduced his Yeezy season 3 last month in February. If the tweets are on a serious note, the singer-rapper has got five more to go.

In one of his tweets Kanye revealed that he is already working on Season 4, and it will be an 'only kids' collection. Though the curtain raiser date of the collection has not been finalized yet, we might (read 'surely') see Baby North West as one of the show stoppers at the runway.