Threatening portrayal of Brazilian Neymar, Argentina captain Lionel Messi, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo by ISIS stuns fans

ISIS mocked Niki's 'just do it' and changed it to 'just terrorism,' in a previous poster of Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gemma Atkinson
Cristiano Ronaldo and Gemma Atkinson briefly dated in 2007 Reuters

After Argentine captain Lionel Messi's bloody eye poster, ISIS issued two chilling execution images of Brazilian star Neymar Júnior along with Messi and another threatening poster of Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo.

The pro-ISIS media group, which is famous for their Jihadists news updates, Wafa Media Foundation (WMF) published Neymar's poster on 28 October, Saturday.

SITE Intelligence Group, the world's leading non-governmental counterterrorism organization specializing in tracking and analyzing online activity of the global extremist community, shared the brutal picture of Ronaldo on 30 October, Monday via Twitter.

The terror group displayed Neymar as a prisoner in the poster. It showed that the Brazilian was kneeled down and crying before his assassin. It also showcased the dead body of Barcelona forward Messi, who was lying next to Neymar. There was also a terrorist, who was standing behind Neymar and holding his shoulder.

The photoshopped picture looks like exactly the image of Neymar from 2016 Olympic Games gold medal match.

Neymar Jr in 2016 Olympic Games Gold Medal Match
Neymar Jr in 2016 Olympic Games Gold Medal Match Reuters

In the second poster, ISIS showed that a terrorist was standing with a knife and the Real Madrid star was sitting on his knees with a black eye, which showed that he was beaten brutally.

It has a text written on the poster which stated, "Our words are what you see NOT what you hear. So, just you wait."

On 24 October, Tuesday, the same extremist group issued a poster of Messi, where he was portrayed as a criminal and he was crying blood from behind bars. The terrifying poster was circulated by the WMF and posted on Twitter.

In Messi's poster, the activist group had written a text to mock Nike's slogan 'Just Do It' and changed it to 'Just Terrorism'.

Publishing threatening posters have become a routine for the terror organization. The football world is tensed and frightened ahead of the 2018 Russian World Cup.

ISIS poster on social media Twitter
ISIS poster on social media Twitter
This article was first published on October 30, 2017