Thousands evacuated as Category 3 Typhoon Tisoy enters Philippines

Thousands evacuated as Typhoon Kammuri brings the probability of large scale damage

Typhoon Kammuri, locally known as Tisoy, is posing a serious threat to the Philippines as it enters the country with a wind speed of 148km/h (92 mph). Thousands are being evacuated as it enters the densely populated regions including Manila, the country's capital.

Kammuri is expected to be at the strength of a category 3. It is said to arrive by Tuesday morning and make landfall in the southeastern part of the country. According to the government-run news agency Philippines News Agency (PNA), Albay has evacuated 100,00 residents in the anticipation of the storm.

"We have to evacuate them and for those (residents) who are stubborn, I have directed the police to forcibly bring them to the nearest evacuation camps," Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara said, PNA reported.

Tropical cyclone warnings have been issued. The evacuation procedure began on Sunday and will continue till Monday. People have been taking to social media to spread awareness about taking precautions and possible outcomes of Tisoy. The typhoon is expected to hit the country on Tuesday and Wednesday.