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In the first two installments of the Marvel movie "Thor", actress Natalie Portman has been there but stated that she would no longer be a part of it in the third movie known as "Thor: Ragnarok."

However, the recent reports suggest that the actress is reconsidering her decision and can be back in "Ragnarok." When the actress was asked if there is any possibility of her doing another "Thor" movie, the actress replied that one day, she will be figuring it out.

The Oscar-winning actress further mentioned that she had an incredible experience while working on the project and it was quite a different one as well. Natalie Portman went on to say that these genres are such that they need a huge amount of time and energy. Not only that, for playing her part right, she needs to be very imaginative.

On the other hand, there are reports that Benedict Cumberbatch starrer "Doctor Strange" will be tapped to be part of "Thor: Ragnarok." Allegedly, the outline of the upcoming film was posted on a Disney fan club website. And, it stated that "Thor," along with "Hulk" and Doctor Strange" will be fighting against "intergalactic baddies" in which both old and new adversaries will be teamed up, according to the Independent.

According to the reports, the upcoming movie "Ragnarok" will be very closely adapted to its comic book. Reportedly, it will also feature the planet Sakaar.

It is the planet where Hulk was taken in and became a gladiator that would also be an instigator to revolt against the Red King, the tyrant, Yibada reported.

The third instalment of the movie will have some talented actors like Jeff Goldblum who will be playing the role of Grandmaster, Idris Elba as Heimdall the gatekeeper, and Odin will be played by Sir Anthony Hopkins.