Thor actor Isaac Kappy commits suicide, leaves goodbye message on Instagram [VIDEO]

Thor actor Isaac Kappy
Thor actor Isaac Kappy YouTube grab

Isaac Kappy, 42, the actor who played a role in major blockbuster Marvel movie "Thor" died after he committed suicide by jumping off a bridge onto the highway near Flagstaff, in Arizona.

The news broke after the officials at Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed to that the actor died on the spot.

Before committing the suicide the actor posted a note on Instagram via an account without a blue tick. In the ominous messages, he not only mentioned his crimes but also wrote about US President Donald Trump and paedophiles.

Kappy captioned the note with "Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect."

The Instagram post consists of two screenshots of text, which says "Earlier this week, I committed an act so flippantly, without thought, that will become synonymous with short-sightedness and petty, vile greed, and in the end, has cost me everything."

He also mentioned how he betrayed God and how he gave the priority to the darkness inside him.

A video, featuring Kappy was also uploaded on social media platforms after the news about his death came out. In that video, the actor, who was also part of a band, Monster Paws, again stated that "not enough time, uncovering the darkness within me," adding that last week he made a "really stupid, cynical, petty" decision and "I did it in a blink of an eye." Here is the video:

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