Thomas Markle did THIS repulsive thing to protect Meghan Markle from his other children

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle just can't seem to shake off her family and the drama they bring. Meghan Markle and her half-sister Samantha are not fans of each other. The latter has made her thoughts on the Duchess quite clear in her social media rants and her comments to the press.

Apparently, things weren't a whole lot different when they were children either. Thomas Sr. played a disgusting prank on Thomas Jr. and his friends in order to protect Meghan, according to royal biographer Andrew Morton.

Apparently, Thomas Jr. and Samantha weren't thrilled about the changes, the new baby was brought in her wake. Morton wrote in his 2018 book 'Meghan: A Hollywood Princess' that Thomas Snr had previously said to his son that if he and his friends wanted to smoke cannabis they should do so only in the house. However, this changed after Meghan was born.

Speaking to Morton, Thomas Jnr recalled the prank his father pulled to stop him smoking cannabis while Meghan was around. Morton wrote: "Tom Jnr told me that on one occasion he and his friends were smoking a spliff in the living room while Meghan was in the nursery crying."

The book supposedly goes on to detail how Thomas Markle returned with a soiled nappy, joined the boys on the couch, took out a spoon and started eating the contents of the diaper. The boys were revolted and fled the house. Thomas later revealed that he had filled chocolate pudding in a fresh nappy. This was Thomas Snr's "quirky" way to discipline his children, but his devotion to Meghan may have ended up being a sore point in the family.

Thomas himself feels neglected by Meghan as he has made repeated pleas in the press that he has a desire to re-connect with the Duchess of Sussex.

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