Thomas Grønnevik Decodes NFTs & Their Investment Potential

Thomas Grønnevik

Technology has not sped up the pace of the world but has also led to the creation of ideas that seem beyond most minds to comprehend. NFTs are one of those creations. In this article, Thomas Grønnevikbreaks down the concept for us and shares 3 reasons why you must seriously consider it.

A non-fungible token or NFT is a unique entity. It's unique not because it's new or as a collective. Every non-fungible token is unique in itself, which means it can't be replaced by something else. Thomas Grønnevik adds, "Compare that to a bitcoin. One bitcoin can be exchanged for another, and in the end, you'd have traded the exact thing. Not NFT. An NFT is a one-of-a-kind trading card." NFTs are a part of the Ethereum Blockchain. But isn't Ethereum a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin? And we just saw how different they could be. How can one platform support such diverse entities? Thomas Grønnevik offers an explanation, "NFTs can store extra information. This makes sense for Ethereum to have them on and create a portfolio which is diverse and appealing to the rising interest in them."

If you got the gist, it's time to move on to the three reasons that Thomas Grønnevik believes make NFTs worth your while.

Digital Art Expansion

All of us, of a certain age, had a go at drawing when we got our first computer. Some of us might still have them stacked somewhere. Thomas Grønnevik says, "Those pieces of art which you considered a time-pass can now help you earn in the digital art marketplace. NFTs can be about anything and have managed to generate a lot of buzz around digital."

It's scarce

Being unique, Thomas Grønnevik believes, makes NFTs "scarce. This hypes their value and appeals to investors, buyers and sellers. Last year, with the total value of NFT transactions hitting $250 million and sure gave people something to think about."

Growing Audience

It's new, and it's scarce, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a huge audience. Thomas Grønnevik adds, "The internet, virtual reality, and the digital realm are the domain of the younger generation, and they love to go for the hottest deal in town. Right now, that deal is NFT."It's a good time to understand NFTs. As Thomas Grønnevik puts it, "they are here to stay."