THIS vegan leather made from cactus will save the lives of millions of animals

Every year, billions of animals are being slaughtered all over the world to collect the raw materials of animal leather products

Leather products made by using the skin of animals are one of the popular products in the world considering its durability and luxurious image. From purses, wallets, belts, footwear, handbags, jackets to dresses, millions of people use leather products as a fashion statement.

However, whether you admit the fact or not, every year, billions of animals are being slaughtered all over the world to collect the raw materials of these products. It is also considered one of the reasons for the growing environmental problems all over the globe.

Fabric similar to leather made from cactus

Leather products made from cactus
Leather products made from cactus have been developed by two entrepreneurs in Mexico. Desserto.pelle/Instagram

Now, two entrepreneurs Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Cazaraz from Mexico have come up with an interesting alternative for this global issue after two years of research. The duo has developed a fabric, similar to leather, made from cactus. Yes, you read it right! Cactus - the new vegan leather that is flexible, breathable and durable.

Cactus is the most abundant plant in Mexico and being a desert plant with less moisture, it will not consume much water. When they are fully processed, its mature thick leaves feel like genuine leather. The product, under the brand name Desserto, is produced by the company Adriano Di Marti. They also use natural dyes without creating any negative impact on the environment.

Product is partially biodegradable

The company claims that the products will last for almost a decade and are even partially biodegradable. Unlike animal and synthetic leather products, these are free from phthalates, toxic chemicals and PVC. They have started using this strong vegan leather for making bags, shoes, apparels and even car seats. However, this eco-friendly cruelty-free leather products, available in multiple colours, are almost the same price as the real leather.

Desserto was successfully showcased during the last edition of the International Leather Fair Lineapelle 2019 that happened in Milan, Italy in October. During the event, the entrepreneurs even received an overwhelming response from many people for their innovation.

Take a look at their story in the video below: