This UFO Video Suggests Alien Existence Could be Real Deal [WATCH]

If the video is authentic, then it could reshape human understanding about alien existence on planet earth

The existence of aliens has been perplexing humans for years, and considering the vastness of the universe, several space experts believe that extraterrestrials could be thriving somewhere in distant space bodies.

However, conspiracy theorists, citing UFO sightings strongly argue that aliens are already here on earth, and some of them even go a step ahead and claim that the US government is well aware of its existence. And now, a YouTube channel named 'Ghosts That Hunt Back TV' has released a video clip, which could be perhaps the clearest UFO video ever hit the internet.

Cigar-Shaped UFO Baffle Netizens

cigar UFO
Cigar-shaped UFO in skies Ghosts That Hunt Back TV

In this video, uploaded on August 08, a cigar-shaped UFO can be seen moving across the skies at a very slow speed. Shockingly, the UFO spotted in the skies has illuminating lights all across its seemingly metallic body. Unlike other UFO videos which are usually grainy, this clip stands out, as it shows crystal clear visuals of the alleged flying vessel.

If the video is not generated using computer graphics, then this clip could be hinting at the fact that something sinister is going on in the skies without the knowledge of the general public. However, the YouTube channel did not reveal details about the place in which the sighting happened.

The video uploaded by the YouTube channel has already gone viral, and the viewers strongly believe that this footage is undeniable proof of alien existence on earth. "If aliens were friendly why do they need to be so secretive all the time? Still, cool video, wonder what is inside that thing," commented Serpentria, a YouTuber user. "I heard the reptilians have the cigar-shaped crafts," commented Paul Slevin, another YouTuber.

Alien Disclosure Near

A few days back, Senator Marco Rubio, who is also the chairman of the US intelligence committee had shared his hope that the alleged UFOs that appear above US military sites could be aliens. Rubio also claimed that the UFOs are a threat to national security if world powers like China or Russia have developed these vessels.

As people like Rubio are spearheading a campaign that urges the disclosure of declassified documents that deal with UFO sightings, several conspiracy theorists believe that alien disclosure will be made soon. Most of these people claim that alien disclosure is a gradual process, and the planet will witness a soft disclosure in the coming months.

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