This is the Success Story of Steve Sidd – The No BS Consultant Who Puts it All on the Line

Steve Sidd

Everyone aspires to be successful in the modern world. Some people dream of success but don't work for it. Then there are those who work day and night tirelessly to achieve their dreams. For them, success is the result of diligence and sincere efforts. Steve Sidd, a managing director and business owner, founded his cafes and restaurants to ensure his clients receive the best experience possible.

Steve had a modest upbringing. He was born to a Greek father and an Egyptian mother who worked in the food business and felt motivated to carry on his family's legacy. At 18, he discovered a lucrative business opportunity at a vacant fruit store in Sydney. And under the guidance of his father, he initially established cafes and restaurants before moving on to develop clubs and, later, venues. According to Steve, each site is unique and tailored to the requirements of the existing communities, because, at the end of the day, community and hospitality go hand in hand.

Steve entered the consulting industry because he felt he could be valuable as a consultant and business owner. His catering company, Catering HQ, offers high-quality, reasonably priced menus, at any of their 40+ venues. It will also precisely personalize their menus and services to serve their customers better, as well as provide a customized function service and ensure that their customers' events are memorable. With a mix of 26+ dining concepts and 350+ employees, the absolute best is guaranteed.

Additionally, Steve is a co-owner of the software firm Hospitality Genie. This software improves the effectiveness and profitability of an expanding catering company. And not only this, he has opened two production kitchens, Good and Plenty Wholefoods, and Moon Deli, which ensure that only the highest quality food is sold in stores and supermarkets.

Despite having multiple accomplishments to his credit, Steve has no intention of stopping. He wants to expand his software package, Hospitality Genie, to reach more businesses and to grow his food production warehouses further to have them listed eventually. However, he prefers that the catering portion of the business remain boutique.

"Steve Sidd will always be personally involved where Catering HQ is concerned" because he will go above and beyond to ensure that his clients have the best experience and that their events are memorable. Alongside his partner, Albie Aldahawi, Steve is very excited about what the future holds and what other achievements they shall accomplish together in the Hospitality Industry. He also ensures that the staff working is treated well because, for Steve, all of them are one big family with everyone looking out for each other. In terms of success, Steve has many, but this is just the beginning for him!

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