This Software Developer Has Developed An App That Transforms Your Smartphone Into A TV Remote


In a world of quickly expanding technology, smartphones are the go-to device for practically everything. They have played a crucial role in people's lives, enabling anyone to do anything from streaming movies, listening to music, playing games, and taking pictures.

However, smartphones have yet to significantly impact people's ways of controlling their television. While smartphones have made it easier to quickly find content online, flip channels, and adjust volume, a traditional remote control is still required for many tasks. The situation demands a smartphone app that converts phones into TV remotes - a need that Stanislav "Stan" Fedorov, a genius software engineer, has met.

Improving TV experiences with Universal TV Remote Control

Stan developed an Android app called Universal TV Remote Control. This app functions as a universal remote control for all TV types, offering users a comprehensive means of managing their TVs from their mobile devices. It has a straightforward, user-friendly interface, simplifying the use of its various features.

The app can turn any Android device into a TV controller and works with all smartphone models. Its compatibility with most brands and Smart TV models available on the market, such as Samsung, LG, Android TV, Google TV, and Roku is one of its key features bringing the application such popularity. The remote control functionality is the same for both Wi-Fi Smart TVs and regular TVs without Wi-Fi.

Universal TV Remote Control is also completely free to use and download on Google Play, though users have to pay a nominal fee to disable the advertisements. Its widespread success can be attributed to its ability to streamline the process of TV viewing.

Currently, it has over 20 million downloads and thousands of positive ratings. In 2022, it ranked among the top 1,000 most downloaded apps and games on Google Play.

Looking ahead to the future of home-viewing

Stan founded SensusTech to make the best apps on the market and make them available to people globally. He remains busy with his mission, saying, "I want to create a completely unique mobile app or game that will benefit people all over the world."

As smart TVs with more complex built-in features become more widely available, control of TVs from the watcher's mobile phone will enhance their overall entertainment experience at home.

This article was first published on February 2, 2023